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  1. Moore back in is big, now autry down.....
  2. No, they'll just sit at 20....like usual
  3. I knew that'd get the announcer curse invoked...
  4. Lol lofton just said keep that streak going andrew
  5. Jacoby with a stat luck never reached already... Nice
  6. Well, Indy has kinda made it an assisted suicide for sure....
  7. Started meditating a month ago? Meditates two plus times on game day? Can we just call him yogi brisset now? Lol
  8. Campbell will be best wr we've had since drafting hilton
  9. You really don't understand the difference? Lmao.... No, you must be trolling.....
  10. Actually, I believe if you make it 100 yards into area 51, it's very clearly marked that they will use lethal force.
  11. Yeah, if Chuck punked out like that with a player he "loved" texted daily, and attended the foreign wedding of.... Imagine how weak * he was leadership wise with guys he wasn't so close with....
  12. Meathead E-Trade brokers everywhere are backtracking I'm sure.... Lol
  13. He said in Interviews he sees himself in Las Vegas playing..... No one chooses to go to that raiders team if they are worried about wasting their prime..... His motives have nothing to do with competitiveness, just watch some interviews. He's got the smarts of a turnip.
  14. 20 carries a game used to be what you wanted your Bell cow rb to get.... If Mack is a true number one, 18 to 20 is fine.... He just won't play ten years for certain then... Just because everyone uses rb by committee now doesn't mean you can't have a bellcow rb. It's like the NBA, just because people go small doesn't mean you have to, if you can bear them with size....
  15. It happens to the best of us my friend, I retract my last post....
  16. I'm talking about your post. You mentioned shuttering things just thinking about Brissett later on the year. I assumed you referred to windows, although I guess it could be a camera of sorts you would feel the need to shutter?
  17. Hey, Kelly just this moment did the impossible! Was just tweeted out, he's officially on the colts practice squad, per k. Bowen..... Commence crow eating and face melting....
  18. You close your windows thinking about Brissett getting hurt? What the hell
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