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  1. So in fewer words, you are saying this "The Indianapolis colts are an NFL team just like every other in 2021"
  2. When he comes back and is working himself into shape and a roster spot, sure. Going forward though, I doubt Buckner's backup is what they were envisioning in rd. 2
  3. Well, yeah....... A man that size as a college wr would be insanity...lol
  4. That dudes never going to line up as a linebacker for Indy, I wouldn't read much into that
  5. He's my pick as most likely to keep the Colts UDFA streak going ... It's getting harder and harder to keep it intact, which is a great thing.
  6. I say if they like Fishers medicals, sign him, and immediately send him on an all expenses paid trip to Germany to get some serious stem cell and PRP therapies for a month or so, and he'll be ready to go as soon as scientifically possible. Let's go.....lol
  7. You know neither Fisher not Leno are past their prime right? They are both in the beginning of the middle of their prime at 29-30 years old.... Either one could play at the top of their game for 5-6 years easily..... Only ? Is Fishers recovery. Jason Peters had the same injury and was a top tackle in the league to age 37.... Fisher is a good notch below Peters talent wise, but he's by no means incapable of a few more pro bowls if recovered.... There was a reason he was a #1 overall pick, and the talent across all five of our starters would be insane.... If glowinski is your worst starter on
  8. I'm not sure Frank's shown any inclination of being the top coach in the league, he's probably low top ten right now..... if that. Ask anyone not a Colts fan for a list.....
  9. Can he play LT? Lol j/k. Guess I'm hungry for news that a vet (Leno, Fisher) has been brought in
  10. As an ND fan, that offense didn't lack weapons, and hasn't for years.... It's lacked an elite QB, because the coach gets stuck on the safest option every year and never lives through the growing pains to develop and let elite young guys gain in game experience, then they transfer out.... He lost Book, and he's preparing to do it again this year with another pedestrian "safe" grad transfer qb while he has elite talent riding the bench because they aren't "experienced". Book will do well to grow into a role not unlike a Nate Sudfeld or Danny Etling.....fringe backup, should be a cfl starter....
  11. He's played LG roughly twice as much of his life as he ever saw as a LT, and that was about 8 years ago.....
  12. I tend to remember Ballard saying the farther a player deviated from the ideal size, the more he'd have to make up for it with elite athletic traits to make it on his board
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