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  1. If my memory serves, I remember Wilson being a pretty good ST player early on... That ability is always nice in depth players
  2. Way to go out on a limb.... YOU THINK anyone doesn't think he has much less than 50% chance of being waived before opening day? (I can come off as an * too, see) The very round he was selected in makes him non-automatic as a roster Inclusion... P.S. - you seem oft defensive as of late, even more than normal.... Legit question, you ok my guy? You're a good contributer here, just checkin in....
  3. You think he would play hero ball because he would feel threatened by JB? Or am I missing your point? Cause that one ain't it for sure.... JB is no better than Track Bar, or Drop Link Taylor, or whatever steering component that Chargers QB is named after
  4. SOMETIMES? In what world of analogies would it be a majority hanging on to the ex wife whilst moving on with the new one simultaneously??? Lol
  5. I'd be ok with Reid for a prove it deal, maybe even a 2 yr at a good price.... Maybe lightning would strike twice, ala grandpa Adams a few years back.
  6. Stats might not bear out dominant....but when they wanted to last year, they ran it down pretty much whoever's throat they wanted..... Aka "Run the damn ball"
  7. Yeah, but are you confident enough to bet on yourself after a year? Or do you just say nah, I don't wanna have the loan, that you might not get otherwise?
  8. Good business decision....depending on his circumstances, getting paid 150-350k this year beats getting cut and having to find something else.
  9. I don't consider turning 28 this season to be very young, even for a QB... It's by no means long in the tooth, but you also have to consider that most of his statistical numbers have stayed steady from college, through last year... Eight years of plateaued production, including years playing behind some great QBs, and for great coaches.... Doesn't give any sign of promising trajectory, or hint at untapped potential. He's what he is at this point, like most 28 yr old QBs. Posted at the same time ..lol
  10. To be fair, strains, pulls, and other soft tissue problems are more likely to happen early in camp.... especially in a weird scenario such as this off-season
  11. He's definitely on the tail end, e joy his good games, and hope he can step it up for the stretch run in the playoffs ...
  12. From the moment Rhodes signed, it had to be Rocky Rhodes.....destiny.....also flavor, but yeah.... destiny. Lol
  13. You also saw guys a lot farther apart from each other than social distancing limits....in a massive, extremely well filtered and ventilated area. You ever been there? Took a tour once of practice facility.... The air is cycled on the entire field every three minutes....
  14. I'd say this makes it more likely that Kelly is the one stashed on one of the PS protected slots.... We already know there is little to no interest in him league wide, at least likely less than another team would have In a fourth round pick with physical potential from the current draft.... You have to think some team will keep an extra QB over normal years, and for with a starter and solid backup, a solid rookie prospect to develop in the third slot for little to no investment is a lot more tempting than a somewhat known Kelly
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