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  1. I'd look for help on DL in FA, depth and potential guys..... Here is one I like, and think could be reasonably available for the type of contract Ballard seems to prefer for "potential" or depth guys.... DT - David Irving, DAL - Was brought in to KC when Ballard was there, 12.5 sacks in 3 years, 2 games.... has had his share of off-field issues, would have to cost little, and be on a short leash for sure.... would just be turning 26 to start camp. * Not sure the details of his substance abuse issues, so not sure how likely Indy would be to take a flyer, the production is there though, and still young enough to have some untapped potential
  2. No, he was not. He's been seemingly steady to above average as a TE position coach over his career, so he's not likely viewed as a OC replacement anytime soon, but a steady hand and a known quantity who has worked within Reich's offense before is a good thing to have as another voice fitting in to the overall plan....
  3. Kinda weird, since he left Iowa State as their OC, to come be the Colts TE coach, and one year later is going back to be ISU's OC again.... not sure the motive, but it's a bit of an unusual career path... why leave to take the TE spot for only 1 year, then go right back to your previous job?
  4. Shafty138

    Free Agent Radar

    found it, I totally forgot about his 2016 year, guy was a stud, but......that was 2016......
  5. They can have him, I'd rather they spread some defensive talent around the
  6. Shafty138

    What does Cox do better that Swoope?

    Swoope should remind you of Grigson with Swoope, that's who brought him in..... Swoope is ok as a 3rd TE, but he's not developed as a blocker, and ir rarely healthy. Cox had developed lightning fast, considering they were both Bball players. I think Cox's build is better for the transition to TE. He is also a much better blocker than Swoope, while being just as capable of running routes and making athletic plays as a Receiving option....
  7. Shafty138

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    You aren't insinuating that Punters do not "kick" the ball are you? lol. Kickers and Punters are both referred to as kicking "specialists" often enough that most anyone who gives it more than a seconds thought knows what someone means when they refer to teams almost universally carrying 2 kickers..... c'mon maaan
  8. not sure op, but jfc is pretty much the definition of veiled cursing in the context of your post.... Just don't wanna see ya get in hot water on here, That said I agree with your post for the most part.
  9. Shafty138

    Dee Ford

    Have read rumors from the typical "unnamed" NFL agents/executives, that they think some team may pay him 18-20 million a year.... that's awful steep for a guy who really only has produced big numbers in the last year of his contract.... He also plays the same OLB spot as Leonard does he not at 6-2, 243 lbs? Sincerely don't know if he has experience as a SSLB.
  10. Shafty138

    Dee Ford

    maybe let him know he's auditioning for new teams and better ball out this weekend lol, then they just resign him and say, just kidding....
  11. There are good WR's in every draft..... but this year doesn't appear to be much depth after the 2-4 guys in the top tier are gone....there will be sleepers and solid guys for sure, but only a few with "star" potential like Brown has for the next 3 seasons
  12. Shafty138

    Free Agent Radar

    ??? Only played more than 12 games 1 time in his 4 years.... and statistically, isn't as good as Walker at ILB..... what am I missing?
  13. Shafty138

    Joe Flacco to Jaguars ?

    Flacco was benched in part because he had a 2-1 TD/INT Ratio..... he most definitely turns it over.
  14. Shafty138

    Colts away schedule is brutal

    Any given Sunday. See: Raiders vs. Steelers 2018