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  1. Mannings D is the main reason he won his first SB as well.... that said, man.... that first carry Benson had.... Sanders pretty much put a bow on Ced's career in that one play
  2. Lol. What makes you think it'd only take him two games to get to 600 based on last season....
  3. What the hell is a great playmaker but not a great player? Lapses in coverage.... A olb that just had five picks seems like he's in the right place in coverage at the right time and awful lot to me ... Look, I get that you want consistency in every player on the team. But if everyone plays it conservative and never trusts their instincts, you don't get many big plays... Every team needs a few players that can take over on their talent and insticts a few times a game. I'll take wherever Darius Leonard is lacking in whatever you want to call it, and line him up to start every Sunday. So would almost every NFL Head Coach....
  4. But it's not post FA yet is it? Still a lot of possible mid level and depth signings that could yet change team needs....
  5. You think he won't be a starter along with Rhodes? Cause Rocky Rhodes on outside with Moore in the slot sure seems like Management's plan going into camp....
  6. Good piece. Signed for one year. Not shocked at any of our signings being for a single season, but am somewhat surprised that outside of AC, all of our Free agent pickups have been one year. Not that we've seen a ton of guys sign, but still, not even a depth signing for two or three seasons. Just thought it's not often you see that.
  7. This might happen, but it would be an alternative, not a replacement....and would be marketed as such, not as the op framed it.
  8. Hard to slam others for content quality when you consistently misuse words like would, of, and their.
  9. Might as well close the thread, you've really shown us all again....
  10. With the new cba, I believe active rosters are expanded on game day. If that is the case, you will see more teams carrying three QBs. It used to be more teams carried three, and it was something odd to the point the media noted it repeatedly that the colts never entertained the idea of having a third QB when Manning was here.... They had always had the third before be was Mr. Ironman....
  11. Huh, well, I figured former players, especially the odd cases where one may or may not have, bailed on the team mid season, were valid conversation topics, or add ons.... Especially when there is quite literally a new article in local media to read and opine over... Gladnyou cleared it up for me though. Mods, dismiss this thread! Lol.....
  12. Merge maybe, but why would it need locked Eric?
  13. Would be nice to have some guys signed for more than this season...
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