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  1. The coaches have to call plays for a team that has a QB with the ability to read defenses and go through progressions of a potato.... What do you want them to do? Call plays they KNOW their guy can't make?
  2. Wouldn't hurt his image or legacy one bit. Who remembers, or mentio s Jerry rice flailing around with the Broncos or Seahawks and flaming out at nine hundred years old when they talk about the greatest WRs of all time? No one.... A.V. will always be a legend, well ...as much of a legend a placekicker can be...
  3. As a guy who follows IU football pretty closely, all signs point to Whop returning to school next year. This year is incredibly deep at WR.... If he stays in school, he could ride a couple of rounds next year just by staying healthy, let alone increasing his skill or production.... But, he'd be a great guy in a future T.Y. role
  4. Great 4th post.... So, we need ^ to win, gotcha, I'll pass the memo along to CB and Jim....
  5. Why is he expected to turn it around against N.O.? Legit question, I have no idea. Receiving targets healthy by then? It can't be that the saints D is worse than Tampa's.... definitely not that our D should be expected to carry the load?
  6. Watch those first qtr. Passes.... The majority of those he's locking onto his target while still in the huddle.... Ok, not that early, but not only are those plays scripted... He's picking his man and making no attempt at reading the d or going through progressions, it's throw to option a scramble and pray option a gets open, or take off.... Late game? God knows how limited the play calls are considering the above is describing your QB....
  7. The inside run is called so much of the time, due to having a lack of options as far as your QB.... Brissett isn't exactly capable of a wide variety of things... Can you imagine how much worse it would be if they got creative, and put him in situations that WEREN'T those that he excelled at?
  8. Hey, how's this for positivity..... The colts still have a chance, although it's decreasing.... To win as many games as IU ....lol
  9. It was a busted mess.... But still should get three
  10. JB making things happen. Still no concept of touch on passes, but it's working for now
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