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  1. Cause this years third would be any kind of deal breaker in a trade for your starting qb the next four plus years?
  2. I'd grudgingly say yes.... That said, Bucks contract in return for Watson makes zero sense.... You want picks and space to start a rebuild, not super high prices pro bowlers in their prime years....
  3. If that's the case then just trade like the next three firsts for Watson.... And pray HOU is dumb enough to do it....
  4. Yeah, Love was not the guy....hence, not moving up for someone else's mistake ....
  5. No, he'd be playing qb for Hou....
  6. Well, Dakich is going to be e en more insufferable with his incessant slobbering all over Meyer....
  7. He'll possibly fall to us, then when Ballard drafts a CB to replace #27, people will freak out at least mildly.....until he doesn't draft an OT till round three....then heads will explode
  8. You also kind of made my argent for me here. If you aren't considered really good until others lift you up, it's hard to say you're great.... The real greats pull guys up a level, they don't hold down the fort until reinforcements arrive. Again, love AC.....gonna be hard to fill his spot, and definitely difficult to do so in the immediate future
  9. Yep. That's my argument. Glenn had for the most part a bunch of nobodies playing next to him at G, when they left Indy, they sucked. Glenn paved the way for thousands of rushing yards, prevented tons of hits on a statue of a qb, and had a false start every game. He excelled up to if not past, the level of several HOF caliber OT in his era. AC has been widely considered top half of league, and fringe top 10 status his whole career. There has always been a guy or two you'd not blink trading him for. But, he's been solid and consistent as all get out.... Guys great. No shame
  10. Yeah that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works....lol. j/k Chloe
  11. I'd have to respectfully disagree there, Glenn was a prow bowl talent in an era with some amazing LTs.... I'd put AC more in line with a longer term version of post colts resurrection tony mandarich
  12. In your opinions, as well as everyone else's, sewell won't be there past 5.
  13. I don't think that's the direction they'll ultimately go, but we'll see!
  14. Love AC for all he's done, but not sure I'd list him among our greatest ever.... Top ten OT for us, yep. Top. 5, probably....
  15. Not really, they start only two .ost of the time.... A fringe starter as your third LBer is probably fine, and more realistic with the other needs team has this off-season.
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