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  1. Shafty138

    How long is Constanzo going to be out ?

    I wanted to give you points for perspicacity, but the massive typo's and grammar errors undercut it....... such a missed opportunity... keep that thesaurus at the ready though!
  2. Shafty138

    How long is Constanzo going to be out ?

    Not sure he is "breaking down"" just yet..... he has a hamstring injury, it's been aggravated twice coming back too soon, and those things linger by nature. Castonzo is older, but not OLD for a OL by any means..... and he has been nothing, if not durable up until this point....
  3. Shafty138

    Ballard is a genius

    Well if you look at it, there's around 52 million in capspace tied up that year in 4 guys who will either be restructured or will not be there. Of course we have a better cap situation, that wasn't up for debate, I was merely making the point that merely counting on the Jags to descend into cap hell isn't a good plan for winning the division. If they are smart, they will be around for a while.
  4. Shafty138

    Colts Injury Report 9/19/2018

    They are also down to Aiken and Agholor at starting WR I believe....
  5. Shafty138

    Ballard is a genius

    Yeah, the Jags are actually set up fairly decent for cap in the coming seasons, as older vets age and get released, or not re-signed, the young guys will be coming due.
  6. Shafty138

    Ballard is a genius

    That's exactly what he was alluding to. They were able to turn Jax around "fast" because the team actually did a decent job using high draft picks for half a decade.....they didn't build that defense in 2 years, they just in the last few years started bringing in free agents to fill holes, and when they have to pay all those high picks new contracts, some guys will have to go, but Jax has managed cap space really well.... when guys like Campbell are aging and being cut or retiring, that will add space to sign the high draft picks......
  7. Shafty138

    Ridgeway has calf injury

    It's just nice to have a discussion over which one of MULTIPLE D players it was that looked so good.... lol
  8. Shafty138

    Ridgeway has calf injury

    you sure that wasn't Jihad Ward looking like he was shot out of the cannon? Ridgeway didn't do anything to embarrass himself when in, but I don't remember noticing him in particular. Ward however, notched a sack and was in the backfield very quickly, several times when lined up on the inside. ( I reserve the right to be completely and hopelessly wrong here, I missed the first qtr )
  9. Shafty138

    Le'Raven Clark/Nyheim Hines

    Definitely, especially considering he was a waiver wire pickup what, 10 days ago? 1 sack, 3 qb hits..... VERY solid
  10. Shafty138

    Darius Leonard

    18 tkl, 15 solo, 1 sack, 1 pass defensed, 1 QB hit, 1 forced fumble..... even better per ESPN!
  11. Shafty138

    Darius Leonard

    awesome line for his 2nd pro game, let's not forget, it was also his first game having the mic in his helmet, so he had that added responsibility as well!
  12. Shafty138

    Great overall game

    The D really looked nice on the road, not surrendering a TD to a team that had a very nice OL it seemed the week prior.
  13. Shafty138

    Le'Raven Clark/Nyheim Hines

    Just wanted to recognize a nice game by a few guys who have caught PLENTY of flack, not totally undeserved, prior to today/this season. I thought Clark looked good, especially in run blocking, and didn't see any obvious negative plays by him (} missed the 1st quarter of the game ) and Hines continues to look like he has gotten over the yips and is fitting in nicely, scoring his first career TD on a nice spinning carry up the gut in the RZ. showed nice balance on the score.....
  14. Shafty138

    Colts expected to sign T Will Holden

    Wasn't that Tarik Glenn? Don't recall Diem getting penalties more often than usual, but Glenn definitely got 1 a game as a baseline lol
  15. Shafty138

    No Castanzo today, not looking good for Sunday

    Which would make it more of a slip up than a setback right? lol