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  1. Rogers made a bad call on the return earlier, letting them move from their 16 to the colts 5 on one punt ... Just about as bad as Hines not fair catching that.... Still think we can upgrade from Rogers in the return game....
  2. Rogers feeling pressure to make plays, took off before brought it in, luckily he recovered...whew
  3. Next to impossible to establish a run really when you do it every snap.... Lol.
  4. Browns 1st down from 36... K hunt runs for 4, geathers stopped. 2nd and 6.... Hunt for no gain. Leonard tackle. Wr 88 held..... Loss of ten. 2nd and 16 from 30 yd line.... In nickel, Moore in slot.... Incomplete, a. Walker covers about 12 yds downfield... No blitz will be this preseason....Venturi says will only use four man rush. Turay sack using inside, nine yard sack.... 4th and 25, false star.... Punting 4th and 30 from the 15 Rogers shows why he should be upgraded from as returner.... Waved it off and we start deeeep in own territory. Bad decision imo.
  5. Offense is same preseason formula we've had for twenty years, 3 carries, punt.....
  6. Incomplete in the flat to Hunt, Margus disrupts, Complete for about 4, D Leonard stop, Go to nickel d on 3and 6.... False start.... 3rd and 11..... Still in nickel from the 16 yd line..... 22 yard complete up middle of zone. Cover 2. No pressure lead to completion. 1 and 10. K hunt 2 yd. Hunt and walker stop. Fast pass out to right, dropped .. desir covers 3and 8 in nickel... Fake blitz, shift to man coverage.... Pass broken up by desir. Punt forthcoming from cle. Colts held on return....
  7. I hope that Holder article about how Luck is maddeningly and freakishly private over his medicals, alleviated all of that "the colts lie to the fans" drivel people like Dakich shovel out as fast as they can....
  8. Mooch talking about Colts not needing to play anyone who even has a hangnail as this is a playoff team with no need to expose anyone to undue risk..... Yeah, this is an established and accepted practice.
  9. Anyone else hope/think they might let Kelly play qb for an entire half? I hope he plays 2nd and 3rd qtr.... The team knows who Walker is, let's see what Kelly does with our number twos.... Also, if they are giving Kareem hunt the twenty carries just mentioned, temper the criticism a bit of our run d, at least the backups when they go against him en masse.. lol
  10. Lol gal on NFL Network couldn't get Warner to shut up so she could transition to pre kickoff coverage
  11. Hey, Luck looked pretty mobile in warmups.... Happy to see that
  12. I've thought for a few weeks, but always ended up dismissing it because it has to be nonsense..... What if Luck is a modern Iverson.... He just hates camp? And realized he doesn't have to really do much because what are they really going to do, bench him? Like I said... Ridiculous, but hey... Maybe. It isn't like he really wants to be bothered by even throwing in front of people if he has even the slightest "injury", he seems to really prefer working one on one with Tom House ... Who knows, he would be far from the first superstar athlete to just chill through camps and turn it on when the bright lights hit...
  13. There's no limit on padded practices? That's cool, I must've confused a minicamp rule or something.
  14. Chloe, while I appreciate your posting of every single bit of colts coverage here all in one convenient place, you can't post an article and blatantly misquote it. It says kitchens didn't seem displeased, and wanted his team to dictate pace, and inferred intensity on day two. He felt day one they let the Colts take it to them too much. It is pretty much the opposite of saying he just sat there pleased his team was causing altercations, like you alluded to....
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