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  1. There's some reason this regime is locked at the hip to Brissett until he's out the door. Partly it's the contract he has, and partly it's because they know they can grind out a few tedious wins with him if it comes down to it. It's like having a backup plan for a Friday night out..... She's nothing to look at, but shes nice and fun to hang out with.... So you do enough to keep her interested and you'd rather spend the evening with her than take a shot at the pretentious looking 9+10 in the corner that could be amazing, but likely knows she's a looker and is a major pain in the *
  2. I miss Homey's here in the Haute..... Ricks sauce is just whack.
  3. Luck could still have 12...... If he wanted it anymore.
  4. Luck keeps record for most passes by a rookie through six games.....
  5. The ghost of B. O'B. Lives on!!!! Same way it then gives up only six in second half.
  6. Advanced metrics say more vs. less. .....just like I advanced metrics in this case. Lol
  7. All I have to do is stop watching games, run to rural king, and listen on the radio..... We're going u defeated the rest of the way boys....lol
  8. After that.... I'm pretty convinced our true issues reside in play calling ...on both sides of the ball
  9. My god..... I'm looking forward to IU starting their season more than the rest of the colts year.... So ready to put 2020 in my hindsight
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