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  1. I mean, Rock is coming into his own at the start of yr three....which is pretty normal for all but the cbs drafted top ten....
  2. It's a function of our "anyone can produce (content) society" anyone can throw up tiktoks, Instagram b.s., become a Twitter "journalist" make twitch streams.... It's all basically what used to be amateur content, but people have decided they'll consume it since a large, large portion of it is "free". The "creator" or the platform charge advertising fees, income is generated, and the masses don't care how shoddy or underdeveloped the product is, because for them.....the price(little to nothing in most cases) is right... And this, STARS are born who have little to no talent, or developed skill....as writers, journalists, musicians, actors....simply because people consume the crap they produce,and money is being made. These sports "writers" are no different. With the previous, or really any different, business model ...you'd never hear of these people.
  3. Lucky for us the 33rd best kicker in the universe is literally always available to sign....
  4. The OL is looking much better... You didn't see that Monday? Back to form? Not hardly.....but they did the job well enough for sure.
  5. It's unlikely that any team wins two in ten years. So what? It's no less likely than any other team strikes gold, gets hot and wins a couple.
  6. 7 more days isn't going to make a neck withstand the potential punishment of NFL hits any more or less. If it's healed, he plays.
  7. Yeah, people wanting constant pbu from NFL lbers is kind of funny. The defense let's slants get thrown into the soft zone constantly, and when people see a completed pass there or quick in the flat, assume it's lack of skill by lbers....nah, it's mostly by design. I hate the design, but it's what it is.
  8. Y'know.... A first rounder can be overcome. Where's TN first rounder from last yr?
  9. That's the worst he's done? Yeah, he's fine.
  10. I mean.... What do you expect when all you have left are two guys from a key and Peele east/west game skit.
  11. They'll start to heal, and the schedule does get easier. Far more easy than some would have you believe.
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