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  1. Ever played football on super clean turf with amazing traction? Yeah, that leads to more injuries than slipping and getting smashed into awkward mud..... Hurts a heckuva lot more on balance too.
  2. That is luck. I'd have to think that favors the colts.
  3. Was there ever any doubt about anything you typed here? Of course Ballard knows that. Heck, the fans all know that ... If he wants anything in return for a player slated to be a FA at year end, he has to trade him by the trade deadline?
  4. Exactly this Chloe, they don't have distinctions between F/S safety.... They ask both to do the same things. Confuses me why everyone calls Blackmon a SS. On any other team he's a starting FS. Any player we bring in will be asked to do the same things Blackmon was, we don't play rangy center fielder ball hawks at S as we should....
  5. Jones will probably start if Sendejo is still concussed, if he's healthy I bet Jones is still primary backup S. Dennard will likely see time too.
  6. This notion that Blackmon, I know he's hurt, is a box style SS is a weird one. He was never known as that in college, he was a rangy, hard hitting, ball hawk.... Then he had a ton of big play picks early his rookie year.... And now he's a SS? Just because the Colts D is a complete joke of a H.S. level scheme, and they limit both safeties to having the same responsibilites, doesn't make him a SS. Give Flus prime Ed Reed, and he'd play him solely in the box....it doesn't matter who we put at FS
  7. I've never understood the rationale behind the game day roster.... It makes zero sense. You have 53, play your 53.
  8. Eason will develop into an ok backup. Sam isn't gonna do a dang thing in the league, keep the receipts everyone, I'd love to eat crow....but he ain't it..... He's like a very very poor man's cliff Kingsbury.
  9. That's generally what it means when a trade hasn't occured yet yes. Lol.
  10. Lmao.....you want to put Tell, a guy who played multiple years at A in college, at corner, where he's been.....ok? Basically p.s. levels of ok.... So you can move Moore, our all pro lvl Nickelback to S. Nah
  11. NFL players who are unemployed. Top guys with tons of options won't want to come, but Boston's not that, and it isn't like most of these guys have a lot of choices of teams with cap space.... Less as the year goes on.
  12. It's not converting, he's always been a safety they wanted to play at CB.
  13. That's looking like basketball, if we lose this weekend lol.
  14. Hopefully the offense isn't the impotent thing.
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