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  1. I think as long as we score more points in the game than the other team does, we will be good. Only game we lose in the playoffs is the game we allow more than we score. My prediction also will not change
  2. Its just comical. Are we not allowed to laugh on the boards nowadays? Yes, people getting into online argumentsis somewhat funny
  3. hee hee hee. sorry. Its funnt when people start blog arguements
  4. Seems we have been resting since the Denver game. HA Keep it going, gotta get something clicking before the playoffs start
  5. Hey im good with him getting another concusion if he is. At least he could catch
  6. Just curious, I saw that the patriots signed Austin Collie. Could have helped us out a bit
  7. 29 Donnie Avery, WR KC 34 63 524 15.4 2 51 9 43.7 1 174 21 70 Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR IND 27 59 286 10.6 1 27 2 23.8 0 110 14 hot garbage
  8. Agreed. Injuries a lot of the prob but id say some got a little to big for thier britches. Gotta come back down and get back to fundamentals
  9. Of course its a big deal. Not the point i was making. Last i checked, Reggie wasnt playing on the Oline or playing defense or calling plays. Im talking overall. Just because reggie went down doesnt mean the defense get burnt on the opening drive of every game after that. Of course there is going to be change, but it shouldnt make the Line worse or Davis forget how to cover at times and get burnt or DHB forget how to catch.
  10. Thomas and bradshaw didnt play against denver. Wayne is the only real minus since then. Im not a fan of Satele either.
  11. Should have been more clear on the question I guess. Its the same team. Minus Wayne. Same personnel, same coaches, same everything. To me it boils down to execution. Thats just my opinion. Toler has been out for a few games as well but i really believe the talent is there. Guys just have to dig deep and get back to form.
  12. With all the "Fans" on here talking about how bad we suck and so on, really tell me. Whats the difference in this team that beat San Fran, Seattle and Denver? Aside from the obvious of losing Wayne. What else has changed? After Denver, the team looked amazing. Defense was making plays all over, offense was clicking nicely. So what changed. Why is everyone saying We suck now and have no chance at beating anyone. Honestly, to those of you that say we suck, try being a Jags fan, or a houston fan. Those teams are bottom of the barrel right now. Do the Colts need work? Sure, no team is perfect. But SUCK?? really?
  13. Just how a lot of people (not all) on here roll. It amazes me as well. Of course, i was talking smack when Curtis Painter was at the helm. !! Its all good. No. Its not gonna be a cakewalk for either team. Talking of defense, Indys defense kept them in the game againt the titans. Same as Dalton. Although, i would love to have Green on our side ofthe ball. Should be a good, tough, grind it out football game, Indy wins though, No doubt in my mind.
  14. Lost Reggie. However, if your looking for anyone in this forum to stoke the fire on this game, you will have to look elsewhere. Most of these people are all Gloom and Doom, we suck, fire everyone, packup and move to LA, Luck is a bust types. I say F that. To you, we are gonna come to your house and burn that mother down. Cinci is an average football team with only 2 wins against winning teams. OH BOY you beat the browns. Whoop dee Fing DOO. Mathis is going to terrorize your Ginger QB. Double up on Green cause Toler is back and Game over. Do not worry though Bengals fans, youll still make the playoffs due to your cush garbage schedule and your weak butt division. Hows that for your consensus
  15. Lots of head coaches and Off Coordinaters on these threads. Guess its the new thing to be all gloom and doom.
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