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  1. New OC needs to move TY to the slot and the Colts find a 6'5 beast WR who can out jump defensive backs. I swear TY is not a #1 receiver. TY cannot jump nor does he have any strength. Three years in and you think TY would build some muscle.
  2. What defensive scheme? The same defensive scheme where you have 2nd rate players (especially in the secondary) who give up an average of 350 yards a game.
  3. How does one interception lead to two touchdowns?
  4. Wonder how an offensive lineman pick would have worked out. SMH. On a side note, Bob Kravitz thinks Luck will need shoulder surgery at the end of the year.
  5. I am tired of hearing people think the world is coming to an end because this Colts team SUCKS. The Colts are going to have to go through this to hopefully become a better team. This season reminds me of the 2001 season under Jim 'Playoffs' Mora and Peyton Manning. Manning by the way who I believe led the league in interceptions that year. Irsay will need to look long and hard on the appropriate changes that need to be made. I believe if the Colts lose to the Panthers and Broncos before the bye week, changes will be made. Luck and the rest of the Colts just do not look like they are in it
  6. Manning had the same type of season in 2001 in the last year with Jim Mora. The Colts went 6-10 that season. That was Manning's fourth season where he lead the league in interceptions. The problem is the Patriots have a better head coach and team. The Colts offensive line could not block a blind a person on a walker. The Colts defense is giving up 350 yards a game. Luck does have issues, but that can be corrected with better coaching and players. Do you see how quickly the line closes around Luck when he tries to throw down field? Also, let's not forget how the Colts wide receivers nev
  7. Has anyone said why the ball was not given to the Colts when the Colts clearly recovered? Just curious.
  8. I do not understand it either. The Colts get 6 yards per carry in the first half and lose their mind as the Patriots take the lead by continually throwing the ball down field behind an offensive line that is not able to give Luck time to throw the ball down field. It seems to me the Colts just threw the first half playbook out the window in the 2nd half.
  9. Pagano is to blame. You are the head coach and you should be aware at all times what is going on. If Pagano is telling his players why they did not call a time out, why don't you call the time out. Just boggles my mind why in the 3rd quarter on your side of the 50 why you would even attempt this.
  10. Nope. I can see Hardy snapping like a twig some time between now and the end of the season. If not during the season, I am sure during the off season.
  11. Need to find a new GM first especially if the current GM is trying to sabotage the current head coach. Just my opinion.
  12. You are right. Colts lost to Pittsburg 51-34 after the 5 game winning streak in 2014.
  13. It amazes me people getting worked up on a forum about football. The only people who have something in this game are the players, coaches, GM, and owner. Everyone else is a spectator. If this is all you (not you, but some) got and you get this worked up, maybe time to find something else.
  14. Listen to Indy local news and sports radio. The Colts played a better game than they did in week 1, but I was hearing the same chatter coming when this team was on a 5 game win streak last year before playing the Patriots.
  15. I was referring to other posts on here. I was agreeing with your points. No place did I write the Colts are going to lose to the Patriots. I was saying you have to look at the past games to prepare for the one coming in 10 days. We have 4 years watching this team go up and down. I want this team to be on the same level as the Patriots and shut up all those sports reporters who write and talk like they want to have Brady to themselves on the 50 yard line ,
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