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  1. Please! Please give play calling to someone else. Turning into Pagano again
  2. Wentz plays just like jacoby. Ball hder
  3. We suck! Only thing we can do is make a crappy team look like super bowl contenders
  4. Hahahahahahhaahhahhahahhaha
  5. Bench Wentz. New play calling. There's not a win in near future
  6. How about a smoke and a pancake
  7. All our later picks, I'm not impressed at all
  8. Speed no hands. Been there done that. Why?
  9. Another body in rehab. Woo hoo!
  10. Hope his number is double zero because that's what we got.
  11. You mean a steal for somebody who can't finish a season and a quitter. Ya good job.
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