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  1. I'm a big Bethea fan so I'd hate to see him go. If the guys in charge think they can adequately replace him then who knows
  2. Colt was terrible. It was obvious the talent wasn't there. He'd be the jags starter or something if he was any good. Someone would give him a chance. Like Tim Tebow
  3. Well in a couple of years Reggie will likely be gone, and Da'Rick-TY-Mathews could potentially be a very dangerous outfit of receivers
  4. Idk. Some of those interceptions in the playoffs were pretty pedestrian. Playoffs>Regular season. Gotta hope this isn't indicative of how lucks future will look like. I don't think it is though
  5. WR out of Vanderbilt. Highly talented with a very bright future in the nfl. There's a bleacher report article (I know, BR) saying that he would be the perfect WR for our system and an excellent compliment to TY and Reggie. I couldn't agree more. That said, I'm not sure I see him slipping down that far to us in the second round. So, if he was available somehow in the 2nd round, would you draft him or go towards another direction of need such as OL, DL, LB, DB, etc.?
  6. Agreed if we can get Gruden in here sky's the limit, 5'or 6 in a row
  7. I bet he thinks my posts are informative.....
  8. Especially with he ties we have with Caldwell, I think now would be the perfect time to pull a big trade. And Ty has the most upside and trade value aside from Luck obviously. And while TY is developing into a top notch receiver, trading for Calvin could take us to the next level.
  9. Go Broncos! Today I'm a huge Bronco fan. Got a Denver hat on, even... All in support of the General, and my all time favorite player Peyton Manning.
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