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  1. I've been a colts fan for 59 years. To me the best game is always the Colts game!
  2. The play calling is as much the fault of Pags as Pep. When play calling is bad and not working, he needs to tell Pep what type plays to call. If Pags doesn't know (he needs to be fired, of course we all know that)at least find a source who dose know, someone like Grigs
  3. TWO WORDS. Turnovers - Penalties They have caused all our loses. IMHO the teams we played haven't won. We just shoot our self in the foot and lost. In every game we've played, we had more turnovers and Penalties by a wide margin. I know other teams have these issues too, but what matters (besides having more) is when and where they happen. How many times have we had a first down, only to have them call back because of penalties, and turnovers in the red zone and goal line. You can talk about all the other things (coaching, play calling etc.)wrong, but turnovers & penalti
  4. I read that the pats line the defense or offence for different formation's their next opponent use, so they can actually feel ( I don't know if feel is the right word) and see the formations on the field. I don't know if other teams do the same thing.
  5. Could be a bar or something we can't see, that he is crabbing to pull himself up. Hey, just a thought.
  6. I think the reason you don't hear much about Anderson and the other big guys is because of no contact rule. It'd hard to tell about them until they put the pads on and start banging each other around. As far as the DB's and WR's you can get a little idea about them by their speed, coverage skills, separation, and receiving.
  7. I don't know why Brady should have a chip on his shoulder when he plays us. He was the one cheating. Does anyone know why both teams don't use the same ball?
  8. Before releasing Adongo, I would like to see what he can do on the field.
  9. Those complaining about Werner being a bust with the 26th pick, should look at how many 1st, 2nd picks have been a bust.
  10. I don't care if they get punished or not. I'm just glad everyone knows Brady is a cheater. I think both teams should use the same NFL furnished football.
  11. I dislike BB, but I think he just out coaches us, as well as other teams. The only coach that he hasn't out coached (IMHO) is the Giants Tom Coughlin.
  12. Has anyone heard anything about Terry Williams NT from East Carolina?
  13. There are colt fans here who say Brady wins with marginal WR's, which is true. But (IMO)the Pats O Line has been much better than ours which gives Brady more time to pass and the WR's to get open.
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