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  1. Golic is an * and i hate his show. And he looks like Meatloaf.
  2. Good thread. There has never been a Da'rick Rogers thread before.
  3. I don't think Tony belongs in the Hall, but being on Sunday Night Football helps him. I think Marvin definitely belongs but WR have a hard time making it the first time around, like Chris Carter. Plus alot of voters will hold it against him that Manning was throwing him the ball.
  4. Jackson's interception, that was a Thriller. (Get it, Jackson, Thriller).
  5. Andrew may axe murder Tent if he fumbles untouched again.
  6. I believe this will be Tents last game with The Colts.
  7. Yes, just like MJ. I bet Andrew is better at Baseball.
  8. Keep Marvin. I love incompetence in the AFC, for the Colts sake.
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