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  1. I think we should sign this kid, resign Tamme, and then cut Eldridge
  2. I would be in favor of signing Tracy Porter!
  3. When I say the title I thought "Did they really cut him too?"
  4. As hard as it is to admit, you are right
  5. lol I think you will have to change that soon
  6. I feel stupid not knowing, but whos Timmy? LOL
  7. Its safe to say that the rebuilding is fully under way now

  8. I dont really get why everyone is bashing Irsay so much. Yes, he cut some formerly, very important and well liked players from the team, and I must admit most of the players let go this week were some of my favorites when I had just become a Colts fan, but lets be honest, they were not playing as well as they used to, or in Peyton's case, might not have had much to offer anymore. Irsay did what needed to be done.
  9. Did they say who else was down there?
  10. I think we have to keep Garcon and Gonzalez. Although as of right now, it doesnt look like Pierre is very willing to return.
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