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  1. Irsay is tweeting about if he should wait to put in the envelope when Indys on the Clock. Is anyone else concerned he might miss the deadline because he is looking for wifi reception to tweet?

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    2. Nadine


      I bet he's not tweeting.

    3. MAC


      Grigson is probably standing "stage left" at Radio City nervously clutching the envelope as we speak.

    4. Coltman51


      last I saw, Irsay hadn't decided if he would be there or the draft room

  2. Sad. However, its time to move forward and BUILD THE MONSTER!
  3. I would be happy with the entire draft no matter who they pick, so long as they draft Luck and Fleener
  4. When do the new jerseys go on sale?

    1. Dan


      They're on presale now, I think actual sale is the 28th. Unless you want to wait for Limited (which is the equivalent of Reebok Premier) which is late June :)

    2. BuildtheMonster1285
  5. Best wishes to RGII for a great career in D.C.

  6. So...Curtis Painter just signed with the Ravens. Really, its true.

  7. Lets not be too excited though its from Adam Schefter and we all know that he can be sometimes inaccurate: http://espn.go.com/nfl/draft2012/story/_/id/7831853/2012-nfl-draft-indianapolis-colts-tell-andrew-luck-no-1-pick-source-says
  8. No, seriously! He might. Stop laughing. And no its not as the kid in the goofy costume outside of a sandwich shop trying to get people to go in https://twitter.com/#!/AlbertBreer/statuses/192680919092576256
  9. In case you missed it, Jim Irsay tweeted this a couple of minutes ago: Jim Irsay ‏ @JimIrsay The schedule is out and new era is here..in 1998 we went 3-13 and it took us until Jan. 2004,almost 6 years,to win 1st playoff game;Patience I dont know about all of you, but thats not exactly what I want to hear
  10. Seriously? Dont forget we cut Peyton. Peyton Manning. The four time mvp. I dont think it really has to do with not being a Superstar
  11. Last year I was at the Colts/Pats game, and might go this year. Not sure yet though. As far as Gillette Stadium goes, it is a pretty fantastic place.
  12. I am shocked. I thought White had a lot of potential to be a great WR
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