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  1. stupid internet! Mine wont show up the photo that Irsay tweeted, anyone know what it is? Thanks! God Bless!

    1. shecolt


      It's a pic of Luck signing. He is wearing a Colt's polo and their is a Colt's helmet on the table.

  2. Great!!!! anyone know what the photo that Jim Irsay tweeted with the announcement was of? God Bless!
  3. Ebay is where I ordered mine I got an authentic nike with all sewn on letters for only $82.00 That would be a good place to look if you didnt want to go through the nfl to get a jersey. God Bless
  4. My browser wont show the backround. What is it? God Bless!
  5. I had a dream last night that BOTH Luck and McAfee went on IR during the preseason. I hope thats not some sort of omen

    1. Nadine


      that's not a dream, that's a nightmare!

  6. Funny, I finished High School the same day Luck finished College!

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    2. MAC


      Oh come on Maureen, it's not THAT bad (lol).

    3. southwest1


      That must mean that within 5 years your 1st employer will offer you a nice salary with a great signing bonus too. Superb work if you can find it. Congratulations on your H.S. commencement indycolts1810!!!

    4. BuildtheMonster1285


      Thanks, shecolt and southwest1!

  7. I dont think they signed, Irsay just tweeted that they were getting close to a deal
  8. Gonzalez was cut from New England. Who saw that coming???? http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4722948/patriots-release-wr-gonzalez
  9. Just some interesting news. There was a lot of talk a couple weeks ago about whether or not he was going to retire, it doesnt seem that way: http://www.arrowheadpride.com/2012/5/1/2992526/dallas-clark-free-agent-kansas-city-chiefs God Bless!
  10. That is the only jersey number that I know of too. God Bless!
  11. Do the rookies have to be signed to be at the rookie camp later in the week?
  12. How many picks do we still have left? I am not sure what we had to trade to get that second pick in the 3rd God Bless!
  13. Yes! Welcome to the team, Coby (aka the new Clark)!!!
  14. Thats going to be a pretty interesting rivalry between you and your dad! God Bless!
  15. LOL. That would be cool! God Bless!
  16. Mannings the Man, Congrats! Thats awesome. You have to give us some more info on what happened! God Bless!
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