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  1. Began college today. At least summer came to a close for me with a Colts game. God Bless

    1. MIColtsFan


      study, study...it's all worth it, good luck

    2. BrentMc11


      Where are you attending 1285? Good luck young man!!!

    3. southwest1


      Ah yes, college...meaningful friendships, term papers, deadlines, skyrocketing tuition fees, Pell Grants & student loans, abstract lectures, pointless lectures, graduation gowns, diplomas, and best of all: A bleak, competitive, and dismal job market with limited career opportunities once you leave your university unless you go into math, science, or stem cell research.

  2. I wish I only had to go back to school then. I have to begin August 20th. God Bless
  3. I dont think Stahovich will be cut. As Vinatieri is getting older, I think they are probably going to try and have Stahocih be the punter and McAfee do more of the kicking. Just my take on it. God Bless
  4. Gavin, thats great! You have to post a photo! God Bless!
  5. That stinks! Look at it this way though, better him than Luck. Yeah, I know that doenst help much. Get better soon, Pat! God Bless
  6. Cant wait for Sunday! God Bless

    1. BrentMc11


      Hoping they show it down south.....just got NFL Network blacked out for Bengals/Jets....wondering what Sunday will bring in Southern Indiana. Third play...big OL gets carted off. Bengal's D looked tough....OK I know...Who cares? :) I guess I really hate seeing players hurt.

    2. BrentMc11


      3 knee injuries for the Bengals.....1 carted and 2 helped off...1st qtr.

    3. BrentMc11


      Tebow alert.....Sanchez ineffective....but like all starters limited.

  7. We should send a group Thank you note to the Raven's facility for Curtis! LOL God Bless
  8. Hey! As another displaced fan (in MA none the less) I know your pain. LOL God Bless
  9. does anyone have video from the practice?
  10. Hey everyone! Do you think the Colts will come out of Sunday's game against the Rams with a Win or a Loss? God Bless!
  11. The NFL Network is showing it Sunday? Is that everywhere or just in Indy? God Bless
  12. Does anyone have a link to Kahursky's Instagram account? He tweeted about how he put photos from camp up there, but I cant find out how to see them. Thanks! God Bless!
  13. I had a dream yesterday that the Colts won the first game of the season against Chicago. I hope that comes true!! God Bless

  14. Thanks for the info Brent! I was wondering what time that would be on! God Bless!
  15. Hey Andy, I just joined the league. My team name is: Spider 3 Y Banana God Bless!
  16. I hope that the guess about the contracts being done by 7 is right!! God Bless!
  17. Okay, so camp is tomorrow and Allen and Fleener arent signed. Now I am concerned. God Bless!

    1. Coltman51


      Not worried, my guess is they live away from here and moved to Indy yet. Probably will fly in sometime today or early morning and sign the dotted lines. Be on the field tomorrow or Thursday. That is just my guess and feelings. This is only Rookie Camp, Weekend starts Training Camp.

  18. Just got an email that my tickets to the Colts/Pats game are in the mail!!!!! God Bless!

    1. BrentMc11


      Sounds like fun!!!!

  19. Edge! After he retires, Peyton God Bless!
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