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  1. Surprised. I thought he was a good backup to have
  2. Quarterback F- Offensive line D Receivers / backs / tight ends C Defensive front (run stopping and pass rush) F- Pass defense D- Special teams A Coaching F I know...Im harsh....Harshly honest
  3. Thanks for that link. Sadly I dont get it here. GRRRRRRR
  4. So is this game going to be broadcast throughout the whole country or just in Indy?
  5. So Angerer is pretty much done for the year. Why dont they just put him on IR
  6. True, but, its not the team's fault he blew out his knee and is one hit away from not being able to spell his name
  7. Wow. I did not see that coming at all about King
  8. Okay, so this is an interesting question. I was wodering if any of you on here had good photos that you took at Colts games so far this year because I am working on a project for school where I have to write a newsletter article and the article that I am writing will be about the Colts and Luck. The problem is that I can only use photos that I have permission to use with the article. So if anyone has good photos I could use, can you let me know? The project has to be sent in this Friday. Than...

  9. Thoughts and Prayers go out to Coach Pagano

  10. I just found out a school project isnt due Monday like I thought it was, its due today! Cut to the shot of me FLIPPING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. BrentMc11


      Make it happen 1285!!!! You can do it...we believe in ya buddy!

    2. Moncrief


      I've found over the years that instead of staying up all night to finish, get your sleep now and then wake up early to finish it. It works for me all the time.

    3. BrentMc11


      Same here GW84....I have always been 'up and at em' in the morning....got the coffee rolling...and hopefully the brain as well :)

  11. I found this article over at CBS sports. Its an interview with Scott Collie, Austin's dad, about his sons concussions: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/story/19883912/why-is-concussion-prone-austin-collie-still-in-nfl?-hes-like-his-dad What do you all think?
  12. I thought it was the right decision both now and then
  13. @ BrentMC11, right now I am going for Business but I am not sure what to do after I graduate. Thanks! God Bless

  14. With the news coming out today from Coach Pagano that the starters will play into the third quarter rather than just the first half Saturday against the Redskins, does anyone think this is a good idea considering what we have seen happen over the last few days. That being the hit that Vick took against the Patriots that caused him to be pulled out the game and even more importantly, the Collie concussion. I understand where the team is coming from saying that they want the team to be ready for the regular season by having more time on the field in the pre-season. However, I am a little leery considering that it really wouldnt be worth it to have anymore of the star players injured in a meaningless pre-season game. I know that injuries like that could come even in the regular season, but at least regular season means something. You know what I'm saying? Input please God Bless!
  15. Hey guys thanks! Brent, I am going through Liberty University Online. God Bless!

    1. BrentMc11


      What are you planning on at this point....just taking some introductory, or a plan buddy? Proud of you!

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