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  1. How dare you! Isnt there some sort of Forum law against such posts. LOL Seriously though, it might be too early to say "Dsyfunctional
  2. Let me guess, it was Chris Polian that made that mistake, wasnt it.
  3. Cut: Brackett, Clark, Addai, Collins, Bullitt, & Painter. Keep: Garcon, Wayne (if it isnt too expensive), Gonzo, Saturday (if he doesn't retire), and Mathis
  4. So the league really is switching to Nike in 2012, I am a little confused on the whole Nike thing.
  5. Hard pick. Saints are hard 2 beat, but I am hoping for a 49rs win
  6. Why does everyone mock Tebow all the time for being moral and not afraid to say it? I think the 3:16 thing is amazing
  7. I think there should be a lot of changes this off season. Caldwell being fired should be just the begining.
  8. Anyone going to the Colts @ Patriots game in Decemeber?

    1. shecolt


      I wish. Visiting Gillette is on my bucket list.

  9. Painter is playing really well considering he hardly played for so long. He is certainly better than Collins
  10. Wait Melvin Bullitt and Bob Sanders arent the same person? Wow. The way they get hurt I figured there couldnt be two people that injury prone. LOL
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