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  1. Thats almost guaranteed! LOL Chris will probably be in the background for all of Polian's interviews!
  2. Because it doesnt matter how good Peyton is, if the team he is on doesnt have that much talent, he cant win
  3. I think he should stay. He is a big part of the offense
  4. I just found a story that apparently, the 5 year deal that Pierre turned down was for $35 million dollars: http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/playerbreakingnews.asp?sport=NFL&id=4945&line=228570&spln=1
  5. It would be great if Foster came back.
  6. If we sign Luck early, do we get to use the first round pick on someone else, or does it still have to be Luck even though he will already be on the team?
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