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  1. Does Mack have to sign the transition tag or is it just automatic? Cause from the looks of it, he doesn't want to go back. Can't he just turn it down?
  2. Well, from what i see, there isn't any young quality centers in FA where Luck can develop a relationship with, besides Mack of course. So we either have to sign Mack or Draft/hope what we have now can step up and be that guy. The sign costa, but only for 2 yrs/3.5million, so i dunno if we are committed to him or not. Hope and pray i guess
  3. Just heard we are going to resign him
  4. I'm up all night to get LUCKY! Lets go Mathis! Chop off Brady's arm! Rogers we need ya to step up. We can see your hidden talent. OLine you know what you need to do. DB's, LOCK EM DOWN DLine Stop the freaking run! GO COLTS!
  5. Boston Globe: Pats Defeating Colts is Easy!

  6. Agreed, if you think about our offense hasn't been playing well all season. We've been struggling on 3rd down all season even on 3rd and short. We can't even sustain long drives. We bought in andrew luck to throw not run the ball. We should being attempting to pass to open the run game rather than run to open the passing lane. Not all the blame is on pep tho. I give pagano another year to fix the many problems this team has, if not i say he has to go. The only game that wasn't close this year was against jacksonville. We need more improvement on all phases of the ball. And when we're up,
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