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  1. Thank you... I feel the "ball in Mannings" court is just Irsay trying to work out a contract that he can trade Manning off next year, wasn't sure if Manning could protect himself... I really hope that if Manning looks at contract, and say no thanks we can see a copy of that contract... As much PR as Irsay has been trying over the last month saying it's up to Manning, I really want to see what Irsay is willing to work with... I would be happy with an incentive based for first year, no trade clause, if his performace is up to 2010 standards remaining 3 years locked in. I think that would be pro
  2. Hey didn't want to start a new topic figured this is discussed somewhere I can't find, but Irsay is saying if Peyton wants to redo a new contract he is still welcome to the Colts it's up to him... In the sense that Manning has the option to leave, and not be traded, what can Manning's agent do IF Manning worked out a new contract where he still can't be traded if he makes a new contract with Colts.
  3. LOL have you heard the saying beating a dead horse with stick? Since you brought it up again, heres to TWO blown ACL's a broken leg, and turf toe for Luck... I'll add more later if you wish
  4. Am I wrong or is your avatar of Manning? I can't really tell... If so WHY DO YOU HATE Manning so much, I mean every post you have is get him out of here, Luck is the savior welcome to HOF Luck no need to even play
  5. If I was Manning at this point I would walk.... I mean here is a situation that last year he was told KNOWING SURGERY WOULD BE NEEDED.... That I'm going to give you a contract that will lock you in to being a Colt for life.... Well one year later, and a fresh you overhyped Stud, all of a sudden we have cap issue?? If and I sure hope he doesn't but IF Manning does ever get bored, and comes see what fans say he's reading how at least most of this forum bored has just tossed everything to the side, and wants to move forward using Mr. Hype... I wish we had the fan base, the owner loyality that D
  6. LOL... I know exactly what you are coming from... I have NEVER heard so much from Talking Heads about anyone then Mr. Hype. I personally am sick of Mr. Hype before I even get to see him play just because of the talk..
  7. So... If Luck bust or is the next Greatest thing either way from here on out do we grade players as the best prospect since Luck now?
  8. <------Team Peyton, and pick up his replacement in 2 years Team here
  9. Man why was it changed this was best post in a LONG time
  10. Ah.... Feel special now thank you... GO COLTS!!!
  11. Yeah I attend to be a little dramatic, but this isn't a Jedi.Creech tread it's a Manning getting better thread that turned into so much other funny stuff... Feel free to make a Jedi.Creech thread if you like, not sure if it should go under Colts though
  12. of course you can wish it... and the wish will be just as effective as me wishing for ACL, or million dollars, or whatever LOL. I take no offense to that
  13. BLOWS IT OUT OF WATER!!!! Yeah I also think I quoted you in another thread when you brought it up I realized I was wrong saying that, but what the heck lets say it again BLOWS IT lets BLOW both now.... I also wish for a million dollars... .Lets see darn didn't get it so my wishing powers are not that great
  14. LOL wow... You read a little too much into words my friend... If you really think I pray for that I am sorry I mislead you LOL... But thanks for the laughs
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