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  1. We get it. We really do. You think the Chiefs are unbeatable. Probably preferable if you don't bleat on about it in every thread though.....
  2. Nice post. I'd like to add that on our day, we can absolutely lose to anyone (eg Jets last year, Jags in London etc).
  3. Do we need to put a label on everything? In fact, the only label I really care about is 'SB Champions'....... Sorry for being a grumpus.
  4. "Sarcasm will get you nowhere" "Well, it got me to the World Sarcasm Championships held in Peru in 1998!" "Did it?!" "Em, no"
  5. Goodness. The NFL's greatest ever kicker is having a slump and you want the owner, GM and HC to throw him under the bus? Pretty sure they will be drawing up contingency plans, but give me a break. At least they boo boys pay their money, while we have a bunch of keyboard vultures circling above, orchestrated by our usual suspect. This organisation will do the right thing, and they will do it in a manner befitting a HOFer.
  6. You said 'really bad'. When I think 'really bad', I think Curtis Painter. JB looked like a HOFer compared to ol' Curty boy. I thought he played ok, against a good defence, in tough conditions (on the road, heat etc) and with a pretty raw WR Corp. I think you are being a tad harsh on this occasion, almost deliberately overlooking all the good plays he produced. I am equally suspicious of his overall quality, but it is rather early in the season to judge.
  7. We have a winner. People come and go, the Horseshoe stands firm....
  8. The Brissett we see in 2019 will be significantly different from 2017. We just don't know if he will be significantly better.
  9. Cannot predict this in isolation. If the Browns won the SB for example....
  10. My lack of analysis of the 5 stages was a wee clue that it was no more than a feeble quip to gain likes and highlight my thoughts on those still in denial....
  11. The '5 Stages of Grief' has been upgraded. It now includes an additional stage. Wishful Thinking.
  12. God, you are going to be a right bundle of laughs when AV retires......
  13. For the time he played in the NFL he was one of the best ever. Why do we need to taint his achievements. And considering his supporting cast..........say no more.....
  14. Perhaps the lad is telling the truth. John Grisham could not pen some of the theories being banded around. I also think we should give Brissett some playing time before we start crying in our cornflakes. Where is all the admiration for Ballard and Reich's philosophy gone? Or has it always just been about the QB? I am going to hope we are still on the way up, at least until I see otherwise.
  15. A guy retires from a sport and dozens act like it's another Sandy Hook. Grow up.
  16. IR. PUP. Starts Wk 1. That's covered it.
  17. Injuries will eek out the Browns limitations. They will not have a winning record. IMHO....
  18. My dog could write a better article than that. Very poor.
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