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  1. But posters making stuff up or continually looking for any angle to push a negative perspective becomes tiresome. But it does set up some nice opportunities to 'unleash the sarcasm'. Every cloud has a silver lining I suppose.
  2. Not sure why I am arguing either. So I shall stop now. Cheers
  3. Deflection. And Shady was on the field, and he fumbled. He was a dynamic player for sure. For us...... You are all about cherry picking hypotheticals to suit your narrative, which is just your style. You have no idea what would have happened had Hill played, yet you are getting all superior as if you know it all. Personally, I have no clue how the game would have panned out had some of the missing players been involved. I don't really care if I am honest.
  4. Hanging on by your fingernails there, Dougie boy. I will have a guess and say that if Kelse was out, you would be spouting that he would have run riot against our soft coverage up the middle.
  5. Why is that, pray tell? Are those rotten sods at NFL HQ going to take our win off us? How unfair...
  6. Hypothetical bunkum. You definitely cannot predict what you profess to know and have presented as fact. Mary Mary.......
  7. Thanks pal. I have since watched the highlights on NFL.com (only 12 minutes worth), and it was pleasant viewing. Shall watch the full replay later today. The bye has come at a good time......
  8. Not a 'look at me' or a gloating post, just curious if Houston and Nelson lived up to my 'not bold' prediction? Note: the original post was rather tongue in cheek......but sometimes you got to tempt the gods....... edit - not seen the game yet....
  9. Nope. You have done that for me. Cheers LCF.
  10. Just looked out my window and I am sure I just saw Kermit hovering up above.....
  11. Nobody cares about people predicting a loss. I have done it many times. It's the incessant injection of ridiculous negative overreaction into any thread remotely related to the game that is the issue. Almost like attention seeking. That what is hacking most of us off. I bet someone on here will get over the euphoria of this win and start prediction we lose next weekend..........
  12. Ah Patrick. You have changed your user name, haven't you? You cheeky devil.
  13. In before Chloe. We lose 97-0...
  14. I think we will win. This is not a bold prediction, nor am I 'on something'. Big Q is going to wreak havoc and Houston will play like a demon and smack Mahomes around all night.
  15. For balance, playoffs 3 years on the trot. I will leave it at that.
  16. We probably should have won the SB with Jim Caldwell, and should have went 16-0 with him at the helm. This tells me that if you have an elite QB and an elite D, that should do it. But can you have an elite D without elite defensive coaching? Give me an elite mascot any day!
  17. Go easy on the OP. He is a rookie himself don't ya know....
  18. You really do post a lot of over dramatic tripe at times. What he is actually saying is TY is still hurt.
  19. Do we really need to harp on about Luck? Focus on the new rather than pine for the old.
  20. Until our world is submerged by the oceans we will be 'nitpicking' QB play. We did it with Manning, we did it with Luck, so we are definitely going to do it with Brissett. The only time we never 'nitpicked' our QB was Painter. Not sure why people get so hostile about it all.
  21. "Chicken Licken". Oops. Dreadful post anyway. Ok, we all have bad days. As we saw yesterday.... Forgive me.
  22. Thanks for all your interest. In these days of intense social media driven consumerism, it really is a great benefit to have your support. Best, as always. Chicken Little. NB - 'Ballard's fault' was the last straw.
  23. That Enron fella you mention. He is a high energy kind of guy who eventually runs out of gas. He is a fraud. What is the collective name for fans that are not by homers by the way? I'm intrigued.
  24. Looks like the Raiders are the new Patriots / Chiefs......
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