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  1. Edit. Not sure I agree with this....
  2. So what happens if even one player from any team tests positive? Will there be no isolation for those who have been in contact etc? I'm not getting my hopes up, but most other sport will have led the way by then, so we might be in better shape...
  3. You are both dreaming of you think tv money is going to win over thousands more deaths. Sure, it may be under control by then, but do not count on it.
  4. Yep, been here for 17 years, and never once have I been sarcastic. You must be thinking of someone else, 'Bestever...
  5. My money is on the game being cancelled unfortunately.
  6. It was not rude. I was mocking the ridiculous post you made. Clearly in a sarcastic manner. If you found it rude, I apologise. And I felt it did add something. That our rookie running back has not played one snap in the National Football League, and you are comparing him to one of our all time best players. I will now move along, at your slightly rude behest. PS - do not take everything so seriously.
  7. And Fountain is the new Jerry Rice.
  8. Take away TY. and all we have is a bunch of rookies and a few journeymen. I will keep my hopes up but my excitement tempered. Just being realistic.
  9. Geez, there will be a lot of burgers scattered on the floor then....
  10. Why does that remind me of Robocop???
  11. Not funny. Lighthearted perhaps. At such a stupid comparison. I hope the OP is correct, but we need to stop gushing over most of our picks like they are all top 3 picks, pro bowlers and certain HOFers. Wearing blue tinted glasses is fine, but up to a point. That was all.
  12. And Trent Richardson was the reincarnation of Barry Sanders.
  13. Curious. What is the material difference between a B+ and an A? Is there a formula or a means of retrospectively grading these in 'x' years time? Seems all a bit goofy to me. Probably even pointless. No offence.
  14. Some nice stuff here. But cut out the Reich stuff. Did you not watch Brissett.....never turned him into Dan Marino.
  15. I can't really think of a less interesting thread. No offence of course. I wonder if Chad Kelly has any pets...
  16. Most of our catchers dropped plenty feathers last season, how would they cope with exocets.......crikey.
  17. If there was a very big bull called 'Billy the Big Bull', even he would not be bigger than this bull.
  18. We should have traded him for an eighth rounder...
  19. Was he above Higgins on our board I wonder....
  20. I am finding it hard to get excited about any Wide-out. Since Reggie, have we drafted anyone remotely good apart from TY? Collie perhaps but he was more slot. I hope we dig deep in the trenches.
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