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  1. 43 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    That is telling but in a lot of those years Freeney was the one being doubled teamed. Mathis wasn't, Freeney opened it up for guys like Mathis.

    Why is Mathis's sack record a Colts record when Freeney has more? Is it average by game?

  2. Being 'offended' by what someone says is pretty much at the bottom of my list right now. NFC is a cranky old git, just like me. Cut him some slack for goodness sake. We need a bit of cut and thrust. He also doesn't need anyone to stick up for him, but I felt like doing it. Right, back to my jigsaw...

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  3. I'd like to explore NFC's comments re 'a rash of likes'. There was five. Is that really a 'rash'? Mods, is it ok to count five likes as a 'rash'? I think NFC might be playing loose and fancy free with his words, but perhaps I'm just more cautious. I got 25 likes once, and I would call that a 'glut of likes'. But I don't really know anymore. Perhaps we could have a table to allow us accurate classification? Nadine, you'd be good at that I bet. You are good with words.


    Please note, it's 7pm here in the UK, and I've been on the 'pop' since 3, and I've probably had a 'flock' of beers since then. Go Colts!

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  4. 6 hours ago, shastamasta said:

    Good article...excited to see what he can do when TC starts. I still think there is a path to backup for him.


    On a side note..:why did this post get merged into another Eason thread about some coaches’ comments from a month ago?

    I understand the need to merge...especially duplicate topics...but I think this article encompassed much more. But when someone comes to the site...it just looks like another poster made a random comment on this month-old thread about something the coaches said...when that poster actually posted a link to an in-depth article that was about much more.



    I found it rather easily. Saw it had been merged, clicked on the link and went to the last post and traced it back until I saw today's post. And I do not consider myself a budding Bill Gates....good article though!

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  5. 4 hours ago, Nate! said:

    At his current pace, Mahomes is trending to

    be best ever.  Long way to go though as noted.   He should be listed as number one player.  If every player was available to draft right now, I’m confident every team would select Mahomes first

    Seattle would stick with Russell and take Donald. 

  6. He is allowed his opinion just like the rest of us. Based on where we are, I think he will be way off the mark. 


    But this will be a very strange season if it happens, so who knows. 


    We have all been watching this stupid league for many years and we should know not to take anything for granted.


    Other team improve as well, you know.


    I'm hoping for top 10 though.

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  7. 24 minutes ago, aaron11 said:



    who are you, a prude that cant forgive minor incidents?    he was drunk and entered the wrong home by accident, get over it.  he left without hurting anything and that charge was dropped too btw 

    Perhaps he was joking...

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  8. 2 hours ago, life long said:

    I was at that game vs the steelers. Trust me no artificial noise was pumped in. The Rca dome is pressurized. It was a monday night game in an undefeated streak. Crowd was about as pumped as I had ever seen. This is coming from a former season ticket holder of 15 years btw...

    Was that the Manning to Harrison TD on the first play of the game, game?


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  9. Sounds like a marketing ploy. Next he'll be talking about a purple card. Then befoe you know it, Indy the Board Game. 


    "Who fired Bill Polian". Brigadier Irsay, in the Conference Suite, with a Memorandum".


    Only $39.99 from most retail outlets.


    "Game of the Year" - Trent Richardson.


    "Gripping" - Peyton Manning


    "Ingenius" - Jim Caldwell

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  10. So much drama over Thursday night games. What a crock. Sorry, in the grand scheme of things it's about number 2,000,000,000th on my 'annoyed' list. Just one in front of all the Tom Brady gushing. 

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  11. Absolutely. Well, they have a great chance. I think. Play-offs for sure, hopefully. Need some luck but could challenge for the division. Maybe. Tough schedule though, so we may struggle. Might falter down the stretch, top 5 pick next year perhaps. Maybe even finish with 1st pick. 



  12. 6 minutes ago, chad72 said:


    Mainly because Donald Brown wasn't the best at pass protection, something both Edge and Addai excelled in. When they brought in Ahmad Bradshaw on 3rd downs for pass protection more often, it was telling. That was his downfall, IMO.


    And btw, he almost lost a fumble at the goal line that Luck recovered for that Superman TD in the KC playoff game, let us not forget that. :) 

    Yep He did. His only fumble in c. 550 carries. It was a trick play actually. He set that up with Andrew. Honest.

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  13. On 5/12/2020 at 2:51 PM, Smoke317 said:

    It was the opposite.  Edge opened the passing game up & helped slow the game down for Manning.  Nobody feared Manning in his first few years.  They sure feared number 32 coming around the corner on that stretch or rolling downhill though.  Once Peyton settled in & figured out 88 just couldn’t be covered, you were at his mercy.  

    Edge wasn’t the same after the knee injury (still great though) but he didn’t have to be anymore because Peyton was in full control of the offense by then.  You really were screwed with future Hall of Famers in the backfield & out wide.  Later, I think it flipped to where teams were so scared of 18, 88, 87, & 44 that the running game probably never saw stacked boxes except for short yardage plays.  That was toward the end of Edge & during the Rhodes & Addai era.  Only fools gave Edge a light box (I think the Bears were such fools).

    I was one of the few on this Forum who rated Donald Brown. He certainly had the burners, and I don't think he ever lost a fumble either. I don't think he got a fair crack of the whip. But that was then.....

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