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  1. You could be right, but the certainty with which you talk is a bit premature and lacks the fragility of how the league frequently pans out.
  2. Perhaps we should be afraid of the Titans, but history tells me not to. We have seen it all before. Henry is the difference maker, but he can be stopped. Plenty twists and turns to go.
  3. I missed the game. Could you please give me a rundown on his good plays? Thanks in advance.
  4. A gateway game. I could not agree more. If I knew what it meant.
  5. I fully expect that these false positives will be identified as being OBJ’s fault. He is a rapscallion of the highest order. Those pesky Browns should be fined heavily for this.
  6. I know what you are saying. To counter, I don’t think we have been to the playoffs for nearly 25 years without a QB named Manning or Luck. Rivers is no more than a Kerry Collins or a Jacoby Brissett. So you can see why the glass is mostly half empty. I remain positive until I don’t...
  7. Once eliminated from the post season, and that is a darn certainty if Rivers doesn’t bump into Harry Potter in St Elmo’s sometime soon, Then give Eason some playing time. If the coaches think he is nowhere ready to start, then he is nowhere ready to be on the roster. Rivers looks spent.
  8. This is a very good D. With Turay and Leonard back, top class.
  9. The concept that being forced to wear a mask infringes peoples human rights and their ‘freedom’ is up there with people who believed Curtis Painter was a good QB. Those that think maskS ‘do jack squat’ have the intellect of a gnat. And I am being kind.
  10. Like most teams with a decent all round roster, injuries is the difference maker. In general terms, our trenches on both sides of the ball can counter those potential weaknesses which you rightly mention. Possibly more so than you think. Some fair concerns though. Nice post.
  11. Drunk football fans will not adhere to mask protocol I fear. If the season goes ahead. I sincerely hope the league has firm contingency plans to cover all possible scenarios if games are cancelled etc. Chaos in Europe re the soccer leagues.
  12. You have zero knowledge to tell anyone that it is perfectly safe for 17000 people to gather in close proximity for over 3 hours, shouting and screaming and ejecting all kinds of stuff from their mouths etc.
  13. Was he above Higgins on our board I wonder....
  14. What was left on the table was enough talent around him. Particularly right in front of his nose.
  15. We can't forget the final 4 mins of the Lions game. Fantastic.
  16. Seattle at LOS. Only because I was there. Almost met Jskinnz, Gramz and Schwam. But I blew it. Drink and battery management has never been my strong point.....great game though. Followed by the Denver Cowboys shoot out in some random bar. Indy is some town!!!
  17. I would love to say you are a bunch of *s. But the best Mods in the world would not allow me to be so brash. Go Cooper....
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