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  1. No it doesn't, and you need to take off your Polian Shaped glasses. See, two can play at that game! He went out on a limb last year and got it soooo wrong, it is logical he doesn't want to make the same mistake again. If only he'd learned about resting starters, eh!!
  2. It is, I agree, but we shouldn't act like he's doing us a favour! Turning up to camp in that stupid truck, then the hold out, then disappearing in the play-offs. He needs to get his head down and win that extension. Maybe he'll do just that!
  3. It's just a smokescreen leaked by the front office to counter Bill's brag about Hughes last spring. If he's good enough, he'll get his shot sooner rather than later.
  4. Uh? He's under contract. He's already been paid how many miLlions? I should think he's coming to work. Not sure what the big fanfare is all about?
  5. Get rid of the dud. Another Polian waste.
  6. If Polian could do magic, he'd have dipped Bob in a vat of healing juice and given Hank hands the size of James Harrison's gob.
  7. Ben not like Peyton? They both throw interceptions at vital times in SB's. But no, you are correct.
  8. Worst post in the history of any sports forum....sorry guys.
  9. If the Johnson 'twins' were held to one catch / one yard I take it back. And I'm sorry, Wayne and Mathis are under contract, so coming to work is their obligation, and it should not be respected one little iota. Seeing that as a positive is just a joke. Next you'll be telling us that we should be grateful they didn't hold out for the actual regular season. Let's leave that disgusting behaviour to the Crabtree's of this world.
  10. I disagree about the 'extra' yard thing. The season before last, everyone was complaining that he was too soft, and he didn't push hard enough. And in any case, surely 'trying hard' should be a given anyway?
  11. Some pretty cool summaries guys. Good stuff. I do worry about Wayne. He started the season with his pathetic hold-out thingy, and was a complete non-factor in the Play-off game. Revis or no Revis, he needs to do better. Or perhaps our playbook is just too predictable. This could be his last year. Time for Gonzo to stay fit and make a claim.
  12. A double 'Superman' riposte! I'm defenceless against it. Good posts guys, and I probably sit just a little bit behind you on it, now I've read your responses. I do like Joe, but I just feel he gets held in too high a regard by too many....
  13. Nice words G-Pat, and ones that everyone on here will second. Go well Baz, you are a real star.
  14. He didn't need to side with the union. He could have said he's happy with a 5% pay cut etc. The credit crunch has hit hard these last few years, and millions have lost their jobs, not just a few percent off their earnings. But he didn't, and now as the season approaches, he wants to play. A bit late perhaps. I don't mind him supporting the lawsuit, but he should stick to his guns. On top of his moan about not working with his Colts physio due to the lockout, he's grinding his gums a bit too much. He should stick to putting his head in a helmet or doing commercials.
  15. More Manning tripe. It's only time to end the lockout so he can line his greedy pockets. If he wants to play so much, he shouldn't have joined the lawsuit. Not impressed with his off season * chat. Thank goodness he's still a master of his real art.
  16. Bar a few obvious names, it's unlikely we would see many more in this list, no matter the year. Which makes me wonder why people rate Polian so highly.
  17. I disagree re AP and CJ. You are implying that Joe would be just as good as these guys if we had a better line, which is nonsense. Whilst it is clear that we have issues with our line, they have become more the reason to proclaim why Addai is so good, rather than Addai's own actual performance. Manning is fantastic, despite a poor line, yet Addai suffers? Great players overcome surrounding weaknesses. Not saying Addai isn't a good player, but he isn't great, and he does not run well in my opinion.
  18. Almost! I've got the cash, and the plan. A good mate and ex-colleague in London has returned home to the States, and is living and working in St Louis. So the plan is to stay at his for a few days, drive to Indy Sunday morning, catch the game, stay over, and drive back to St Louis Monday. Then fly home. Just need to pick the game. So once the Lockout is sorted, I just need 2 tickets! I fancy the Steelers game if possible! I'll keep you posted!
  19. Fair enough Tuba. All you can do is give it a go! And I really hope to witness it in person, as I'm almost certainly flying over for a game this season. I assume I'll be able to get 2 tix at fairly short notice (say a month?). JSkinnz, still willing to show me the ropes before and / or after the game????
  20. I really don't think any front office is going to target players because they are in the Top xx on any webpage, newspaper or TV show. I'm pretty sure they work to their own opinions. I get the drift of the post though....
  21. I'm with Skinnz. although it sounds a great idea Tuba! Go for it. At my football, sorry soccer club, we crank up the atmosphere a few minutes before kick-off by blasting out Simply the Best. 50000 fans singing this at the top of their voices make the hairs on the back your neck stick out. Awesome.
  22. He will. I do object to those saying he must hang up his cleats. There are millions of people who risk their lives every day doing their job. And probably thousands die world wide doing it. He's old enough to make up his own mind.
  23. He runs well? From his front gate to his car yes. That's about 3.8 yards?
  24. Hedging your bets a bit there, Super'! Although a good list, I'd suggest the reasons for Carter being iffy would perhaps count against Hughes. I do appreciate it's too early to give up on Hughes, but his complete lack of involvement last year could be very telling.
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