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  1. The test will now be known as the WonderLuck.
  2. Yep, I get what you were seeing. You just left the jokey door a little ajar, and I jumped right through it!
  3. Mmmm. He's not sent me any birthday wishes yet....... Oh, okay. Happy birthday big man!! If he throws a party, I wonder if it will have enough 'zip'.....
  4. It's hard to get called for a penalty when the receivers have 10 yards of separation on every throw......
  5. Nice little joke? But you know what they say: what makes a good comedian timing?.....
  6. Ex: Manning / Saturday combo, although Dallas does run them close. Sorry to see him go. Now: Bethea - I thought he was the stand-out last year, more than Pat x 2.
  7. The progress I hope for....is a united fan base. The front office, coaches and players will eventually make this team a contender in a few years. We fans need to get right behind them, no matter our feelings about The Sheriff and his posse..... Oh, and maybe a high class O-Line for a change....
  8. Interesting..... Anyway, all the 'healthy' talk makes me chuckle. Especially from those that are still enraged about Peyton going......
  9. Everything Griffin does is about the image. The socks. Me. How nice I am. If he's not careful, his throwing technique will be compromised by the size of his head. I'm with Ruk all the way.
  10. Sorry guys. Cats are the disciples of the devil. My wife is longing for one. She will be 20 foot tall before she gets her wish. Back on the funny story angle, many years ago I was cleaning out my 3 year old daughters goldfish tank and Beelzebub wispered in my ear. I carved a thin fish like replica out of carrot, and then shouted on my little girl. As she wandered through the door, I 'palmed' the carrot fish out of the tank, and shook it as I swallowed it in one big gulp. She ran off hysterical into her mums arms. Wow, the trouble that got me into..... I recalled the story to her only a few wee
  11. Ha! Similar story....a few years ago I dropped a glass bottle and it smashed all over the kitchen floor. I was standing bare footed with all this glass around me, when I heard my good wife come home with some shopping. Quick as a flash I grabbed a bottle of tomato ketchup from the nearby cupboard and squirted a good helping all over my foot, and stood faking pain as she walking in. She dropped her shopping and edged towards me all caring and panicking. When I smiled and ran my finger over my foot and licked the ketchup off with a smug grin, she nearly knocked my head off! I had a bit of a mess
  12. Who was drafted by that older dinosaur, Bill 'Tyrantasaurus Rex' Polian.
  13. It's called Quiddich guys. Keep up!
  14. You know what, sometimes, just sometimes, you write stuff that is pure genius. This is one of those posts. I was out on the razz last night, so I never saw any of this. Now I don't need to. Thanks.
  15. I prefer to eat them.....but then again, I'm a barbaric Pict apparently.
  16. Or if he turns up with that stupid half beard......
  17. Sorry dude, I was just making a (jokey) point that we do have a few Europeans mad enough to follow the SHOE!! We are all too aware of the time difference, especially when the late games are on!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzz Cheers.
  18. Ahem......and GMT time please, for us Brits if you don't mind....
  19. Well said, although you might consider practicing what you preach. Just a thought. Mannings the man, on 22 March 2012 - 02:47 AM, said: I think jim is willing to put the entire franchise at risk of sinking cause of his man crush on andrew luck. Future.. argue what you want. the guy out right lied. so, sure go trust a guy that just put the colts in one of the worst positions I have ever seen this franchise in. dump off over 3/4 of your vets.. ya.. good move there jim. and before all of you start harassing and calling me names, remember this.. just beacause i dont agree with you, doesnt make yo
  20. Yes, I understand. People do 'hate' him for it. But my use of your 'liar' comment was poor judgement. Didn't mean to offend. Apologies. I know your passion, and I admire it, like many on here. What really bugs me most is the unequivical belief that both camps seem to know what went down. Both camps pick out convenient little soundbites, rhetoric, and quotes to support that they know what happened. We do not have a clue. I prefer to roll with it, and not care who said what, or who did this. It's over. Sure, I get drawn in, and when I do, I tend to stick up for Irsay, as he is a Colt, rather tha
  21. I'm not blaming the GOAT for anything. I'm just in despair at the hate (you calling him a liar for one) for Jim.
  22. I think he wanted a QB, not a bystander. Two different things.
  23. It doesn't even rhyme. And that is a crime.
  24. I used to think you guys were all football clever. I'm waiting on the Wonderlic scores (are they out yet?). That what counts. Not all this throwing and running and reading the game stuff. Guys, really......
  25. 'Whiffin for Griffin'......it would have worked though...
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