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  1. They did not look tired in the 2nd half on Sunday. They have had a poor run for 3.5 games. They will want to build on that last half. I do not think they will rest any healthy starters......
  2. On my one view, it looked like the PI happened before the tip. Who cares, it's gone.
  3. I am super frustrated that we only got a win. I wanted a win win. Frank needs to go.
  4. Don’t really care. Apart from McDaniels losing more street cred. I dislike him more than Brady or Billy-Bob Hoodie....
  5. If we play to our best, we have a chance of beating any team, and that includes KC. As long as we make the playoffs, I don’t really care who our opponents are or what our route is. We have a fighting chance.
  6. Definitely let him go. Only being a very very good player is not good enough for us. Only HOF type ability is what we need.
  7. He was trash for us. Well, I suspect you knew I would pipe up!!
  8. Oooooo. They stood on a bit of painted artificial synthetic ground wear. Those Titans are evil.....
  9. Looks like we are doomed. I hope Jim, Chris and Frank throw in the towel. No team in the history of the NFL has won a game with a few key players missing. Never.
  10. Both schedules are much the same. Having Tennessee at home levels it all up. We won’t have to wait long to find out....
  11. You mean our 2009 quitter feeble Polian led bunch of cowards team? The same team that did not rest Freeney in a meaningless snap? That team? The pathetic * Caldwell led puppet team?
  12. For the first time in many years, I do believe our distinguished Mr Superman is sitting on the fence. Nice.
  13. Our Special Teams didn't make as many mistakes as theirs. That is part of winning, just like our D or O playing better than theirs. Why is this even an issue....
  14. You are most welcome sir. Take care.
  15. Or we score more points than them. That would do it as well.
  16. I would travel to the ‘No’ shop and buy the biggest ‘No’ I could. I would then take it to the best word enlarger in the world and make it as big as possible. Then I would use a special app to make it look even bigger and then post it on here. But I can’t be bothered.
  17. I wasn’t hand picking the games, I was covering all 9 games. Tough yes, but not brutal...
  18. Brutal nine game stretch? Vs the 1-6 Texans (x2), the 1-6 Jaguars, vs the 3-3 Raiders, vs the 3-3 Lions? Vs the paper tiger Titans (x2). The Packers and Steelers could be tough, but not unwinable. I think our definition of ‘brutal’ could be very different... It’s a shame we don’t having a purring offence though.
  19. Nope. He was from Indianapolis. Like me. Perhaps. .
  20. Does Natalie Portman ever write or talk about the Colts? Asking for a friend...
  21. Sorry pal, must be a British thing. ‘Please turn over’. Meaning there is some additional info on the other side of the page, or there is another page to read etc. I was just being foolish.
  22. PTO... Andrew is back in training...
  23. I agree with the OP. Look at last week, only 371 yards through the air. Joint best in the league. Pathetic, none of our catchers can catch.
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