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  1. Nonsense. This forum mostly goes bananas when we get the ridiculous/extreme and obvious trolling comments, not the constructive and considered ones. So no more of that sir, or I will look for you, I will find you, and I will..........
  2. Kyle Brandt has a huge man crush on the Colts. It is a very good show. Best around....
  3. You said it was. You kiddin us you royster doyster you! You got us good and proper......
  4. History tells us we have every shot with a stat like that!
  5. Against the KC D we could score 4 x TD-s in the first half and hold on. KC are not the Greatest Show on Turf, and Pat could find the playoffs harder than you think.....unlikely but not impossible.
  6. Looks like all we need to do is win the coin toss and make a considered choice on whether to defer or not. Easy peasy, New England here we come....
  7. Forget the D and the running game. Are you suggesting that 3 for 10 completion rate for a grand total of 40 yards is good? Average? Great even? I'll rephrase though, our pass attack was sloppy. 4 consecutive punts is sloppy. Our win was great however. I can separate one from the other. No big deal though, just my view.
  8. Guilty as charged. Well done, taken like a man!
  9. Irrelevant. We were sloppy, certainly in the pass game. 3 of 10 / 40 yards. 4 punts in succession is not smart, even if we are in control. MUST play to our best in all 4 qrt's next week to have a chance.
  10. ....after it was discovered Pierre Desir had DeAndre Hopkins in his pocket.
  11. Pure speculation and a lot of bounces needed to go our way, but we could face Watson, Mahomes, Jackson and Trubisky and win it all. The Play-offs are a different beast, and if we take care of our business, this would be our best route to the Lombardi. It would give us a better chance than playing Brady/Rivers and Brees. Sorry, just musing.......
  12. I watch Grey's Anatomy. It looked like a high calf stinging mcl ankle and achilles acl strain. Grade 2.
  13. If we were the number 3 seed, couldn't we still get a home AFCCG game? If so, this argument is not buried yet.
  14. Nope. Not a very good QB. Luck is way better. Just my opinion though.
  15. I prefer being up by 21 at HT. But that is just me.....
  16. Reich said it was execution rather the conservative play. I tend to agree, as Luck did throw a few stinkers and there were a few drops. That said, if the chips were down, I think we would have moved the chains better. The inch perfect long throw to Hilton down the sideline mid 2nd half was the clincher for me. Although we punted, it pinned them back and took time off the clock. Fantastic throw and catch. What's new. Tears of a Clowney, eh......
  17. Boehm (sp?) is a good backup, and will get better. Is it practical to have a starter level player as a backup?
  18. They are correct. They couldn't stop Andrew, Mack, our O-Line, our D-Line, our Secondary etc. Terrell Davis and Rod Woodson were very complimentary on GameDay Highlights....
  19. Good find. He looked hurt all game. TY looked better than last week, injury wise, so going in the right direction.
  20. I hope Andrew packs his long sleeve undergarments just in case....
  21. And ignore face mask penalties.........but it was time we got an officìating break.
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