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  1. I'm not insinuating hou are not a die hard loyal fan. Or your family. But if you can get me an interview with a newly born 'colts fan', then I will take it all back. Btw, it's not really that important. Glad you are so passionate about our team. Go well.
  2. Many people are 'born into' x team families and once they are old enough to make an informed decision, they pick their own 'team', which very often differs from the family choice.
  3. So every fan is one, as we were not born as a fan of any particular team, we had to chose one at some time in our life.....
  4. No matter what we do, we will still have posters who are frightened to be hopeful.
  5. Pretty sure it is important to have 'solid' players on the roster. Most teams are very lucky to have more than a few elite players. He is definitely worth keeping.
  6. Apologies. I shall stop being lighthearted. For all future posts I shall consider my responses with an appropriate amount of seriousness. At all times. Forever. I do feel quite small now. Sorry.
  7. Well Mr Ballard, you crazy 'shoot from the hip' rapscallion. Suddenly I have come over all giddy. The purse strings have not just been loosened, they have been ripped apart like the Hulk tearing off his shirt. My heart is beating faster than Tom Brady getting rid of his phone.....
  8. Pah. They do ok, but when are we going to bring in a big name free agent Mod? Same old thing year after year. And what's with that British Mod? How can that work with the time zone / jet lag thing? I feel a tantrum coming on.......
  9. Maybe Funchess will improve by a significant margin by having a proper QB throwing his way, rather than lining up behind a glorified running back. I trust Ballard more than a few combine reports and some potentially irrelevant statistics. It's as if no player has ever improved after moving to a different team.....
  10. Even if he plays just ok, but has a few great games which helps us finish in the running for the championship, no one will reflect and look back and bemoan how much cash we paid him. All this griping and naysaying is sounding a wee bit like spoiled fan syndrome (across all threads, not specifically this one). If you have not grasped Ballard's methods yet, I guess you never will. It is circa 6 months until any of this matters, until then.....
  11. Yes, although if we could swing it, I'd prefer we got JaMarcus Russell, the big dog from Turner & Hooch and meaty sized bag of M&M's (peanut butter). Failing that, a large poster of Debbie Harry in thigh length boots could swing it. "Oh Denis, obi doo......"
  12. What does refusing to back down from your stance actually mean? Could you even be tempted by a few little tidbits? And if your lord and master orders you to stand down, will you comply or break ranks? I am almost as excited about where this goes as I am about season 8 of Game of Thrones.....
  13. Was at the same event, and he signed my #12 jersey! Was a very entertaining evening and Andrew came across as a very classy young man.
  14. I concur with all of the above. Originally from Airdrie, Scotland.
  15. Also a Rangers fan Dave. I think next year will be our year......
  16. Scottish (no surprise - see user name!), but now living in the South of France. Watch on Game Pass and not a fan of re-watching us lose. Seen the Colts twice, at the LOS vs Seahawks in 2013, and in London vs the Jags. Hoping to see them in Indy again soon.
  17. Great draft, but give some kudos to Frank for the way he bonded the team, created the locker room vibe, and turned them into winners. Great all round job. Hopefully we take the next step next season...
  18. We have this same tired debate 2 or 3 times a year now. Get used to it. As long as the London games sell out like they do, they will be there for decades to come. The owners agreed to this, not Goodell. The world is a much smaller place now, embrace it rather than bemoan. FTR, I would not like to see an International franchise either......and the teams that mostly 'lose' a home game can hardly fill a thimble, never mind pull in 80,000 fans.
  19. Met him when the Colts played in London. Smashing man.
  20. The biggest issue is the refereeing in the playoffs v reg season. It is a chronic failing. A foul is a foul. Some of the pathetic penalties in the reg season is ruining the game. Come playoff time, it's like Bird Box.
  21. We are a very good team on our day. As we showed in jacksonville and Kansas, we can be very average when we are not on it. It's hard for a young team to be truely consistent. We will improve with age.....
  22. Everyone knows the game is secondary. Top level players getting together for an end of season jolly. What is wrong with that? No need for such vociferous bleating. I'm pretty sure the players know the significance of the actual game.
  23. As much as I admire Frank, I find this (and others of this ilk) all a bit hokey. But we are in great shape and I really like where we are headed. Just not a fan of the 1-0 mantra etc. I personally don't think we need to brand 'doing your job' with something so tacky and contrived. But if it works for the organisation, who am I to judge.
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