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  1. TY can get over it. and AJ has what 2-3 years left? Moncrief is a still a rookie, and yeah showed promise.. Our Offense line sucked last year, and our defense has lost key players. We have always! been the shortest team in the league. The point is ~ draft players we NEED. Why you think the Patriots are always in the playoffs? Are always one step farther then we are? they draft for the FUTURE. They draft what they NEED. If you comment on their cheating gettin them every year to where they need to be then you are a fool. Cant wait to see round 2 I think we need a Punter cause yeah not sure
  2. That we cant pick someone over 6ft? Do we enjoy being the shortest team in the league? Dorsett @ 5'9 Good God. Keep pick'em ! Cause yeah if you cant keep Andrew upright on his two feet all of the weapons we have wont mean a thing. If you cant stop the offense of the opposing team then why bother! Great draft pick..SMH. O i see the Pats picked up some DT that looks like a monster. Linemen went out the window. Yo Colts ! why didnt you use some of those 9 damn picks to either trade up for Leonard Williams or get us an OL ? Why? O yeah we like the short quick guys my bad. Next in Round 2 le
  3. just put me in as the LT I will wear a mini skirt and high heels and distract the opposition! At least that might give Andrew time to make the right desicion
  4. All year long Andrew has been eating turf. We might consider spending some of that hard earn cash on a Offensive line or we are going to be looking for a replacement QB. The man is tough but it only takes one hit because the OL missed yet another assignment. And if it wasnt noticable against the Cowboys, how bout Cleveland, or any other game we played this year. Its not rocket science for the love God.
  5. He comes back to Indy.. And buys the Indianapolis Colts... That would be ..poetic justice Good Luck Broncos! I hope you go to the BOWL! ~ but if you have to go through the Colts to get there.. well.. Good "Luck" Broncos ~
  6. Be not afraid of greatness Some are born great.. some achieve greatness.. Some.. have greatness thrust upon them... Tonight .. is yours.. reach out and take it..
  7. Maybe we should get through tonights game before we think about the next one... *files my nailes*
  8. Do not be afraid of greatness.. Some are born great.. Some achieve greatness.. Some... have greatness thrust upon them.. Be Great Today..
  9. Ok maybe not ~ but that is probably the second best game ~ I have ever seen. Is it my imagination or are we headed to Denver?
  10. Always have me biting my nails off! Great job Gentlemen! TY Hilton ~ WoW ~
  11. Files Nails* .. um what was the question?
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