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  1. First, they fire Pagano. 

    Second, get a new HC - he'll basically decide what he needs. Probably one of Ballard's hand picks.

    Third, since we'll end up having the top three picks, trade the pick and pick up a bundle of draft picks and surround Luck with some playmakers, especially on the defense....Contemplating trading luck and get more draft picks, but since Luck is establish NFL QB it probably won't happen.

  2. Copy Denver instead.  The made a big impact on that win with Dallas.  They made mincemeat out of Zeke, the Denver's D can beat any offense as they say.  I believe it, I think we should hire someone from their organization that can make a difference in this team.....I say, Denver in the Super Bowl this year, their QB Siemien playing lights out - Copy their system we might win a game or two...

  3. Needs to sit down and pave the way for Mack.  Gore is holding up space, he can stay with the Colts as a running back coach.  But I say give Mac a chance to be the full time back.....Gore's 40+ yards per game isn't NFL standards....

  4. This team needs an overhaul.  Pagano is the main one that needs to go.  Bring in a new HC with his people, and you'll see a big difference in the philosophy, play calling and the culture of having a winner......Can't blame the fans if they're bashing Pagano, because I see the same thing the way his coaching.....Bellichick won't let this happen, he holds his players accountable and not pat them lovingly on the head.  These players are adults, they don't need to be enabled, cuddled and pat on the butt if they make a bonehead play. Play calling sucks, Mack is much younger than Gore, I say trade Gore and start developing the younger Mack.  I guess they're satisfied having Gore gained 40 yards a game, that isn't going to cut it to win ball games.....Again, Pagano has to go.

  5. He would have been cut a long time ago on another team....I agree, Castanzo is the pits....Need to cut him, trade him, waive him whatever so long as we can start fresh.....Pagano can signed him when he gets hired on another team...

  6. Luck is 28 years old, most likely will be ineffective if he even returns to play this season.  Then, will be 29 years approaching father time for athletes  at that age.  Sad to say, hasn't won or will he ever win the The Big One.  This is attributed to the running of the organization starting with the owner....Can't recognize talent in the coaching profession....Everyone has said this before, they ship out the wrong coach when Pagano came back from his sabatical leave....

  7. No way, no how will this Pagano and company will ever win anything as long as he is still attached to the team.  Sad to say this, but it's a fact......You don't even have to try tanking this season, because Pagano and Co don't know how to coach, don't know how to make decisions, and they are unprepared every week..........I would be surprise, if they even come close this Sunday in beating Arizona....Also, if Chud is calling those predictable calls and plays, it's a loss for sure.....Then, definitely they'll be in the top five in 2018 for the pick in the draft for sure.....

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