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  1. NEGATIVE!!! Too many RBs available in the 2nd and much, much younger. Somebody need to take their medications to come up with this bonehead hypothetical scenarios....ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!
  2. Not so much the worst draft, its the one that drafts the players to be considered having the worst result. Can we say Grigson, he's the worst ever signing on the team....
  3. Wondering why Grigs didn't pull any moves with Free Agency? Learning from past mistakes...?
  4. I think NewColtsFan has a valid point. Those guys mentioned AJ,Cole,Werner, et all should get their pink slip. What's the point of waiting when they're history anyway...
  5. Let Freeman and DQ go, they're getting up there. Need to go young or sign some FA that's in his mid 20's like Trevathan.....Monachino shoulld mold these LBs to compete like he did in Baltimore......
  6. He was hanging on, as in good to the last drop. Needs to retire, father nature caught up to him.
  7. Defense people is what the Colts need. If they can build a monster on the Defensive side, it puts the opposing team to play their defense out on the field and tire them out. The Colts offense can penetrate through easily with tired opposing players.....
  8. The best move the Colts would make is to draft two(2) Edge rushers on the first two rounds and RB on the third and OT and OG the rest of the way. Also don't count out Free Agency. You can get a couple of Defensive players and Offensive players as well..
  9. Needs to retire. Doesn't need the money, doesn't need the acholades, doesn't need to build more stats or does he. He'll be another side show in a circus a la Farve if he hangs around. Retire while you're on top, you'r legacy has been cemented no need to pad up your stats.
  10. Freeman, Werner, Jones, A, Toler, Fleener adios amigos and some of the over thirty club. Dquelle, Adams, Butler, and so on...
  11. Ditto guys, back up qb needs to go.....Father time has caught up to him....
  12. Move up in the draft and draft impact edge rushers and you're set for the next ten years.....
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