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  1. Of course that braindead * would say this. You take the free points there and the game is over, instead this * does what he always does and makes bad coaching decision after bad coaching decision. There are kids playing Madden who could coach better than him off the street right now.
  2. If you're wondering whether or not this is the worst loss for that team in years, it is. The case can be made that this is the worst regular season loss they've ever had. And let's just keep it real here. The team would have been much better off had Pagano never come back in 2012, and him getting leukemia is the literal only reason he's kept his job this long. He didn't deserve to keep his job last year and he damn sure doesn't deserve to keep it now. Grigson's draft picks aren't much better. The team has been badly coached since 2012 and regularly falls behind or gives up leads. T
  3. I'm beyond tired of the injury excuse. Shoot up some HGH like every top defense does and stop complaining.
  4. No one cares about your fantasy football team. No one cares about ANYONE's fantasy football team.
  5. It's a shame Pagano caught leukemia, because it allowed him to keep his job far longer than he should have. There was no reason to keep him after last season, and there is DEFINITELY no reason to keep him now. I am not watching another minute of this team or giving another dollar to this team until him and Grigson are both fired. Total garbage and not worth my time. I would literally rather go back and watch old Jeff George Colts teams than this %.
  6. This is a disgrace. Line up every player on that defense and fire them, then fire every single member of the staff and every single member of the front office. This team is trash, run like trash, and plays like trash. Let Luck play somewhere else. He will never win here.
  7. Everyone else needs to be fired or cut immediately, from Jim Irsay all the way down to the stadium vendors. This team and ESPECIALLY this defense is an absolute disgrace. And after cutting everyone, let Luck play somewhere else so he can win and forfeit every game 2-0. What an absolute joke.
  8. Should I just move forward half an inch or should I run around 12 feet away first and then try to have someone else do it? This game is not on Dwayne Allen. If our coaching staff wasn't hot garbage and actually had the team ready to play once in awhile, they wouldn't always fall behind early. If our GM wasn't hot garbage and built the team from the inside out instead of the outside in, we'd actually make some tackles. Under Bruce Arians, Andrew Luck's first quarter passer rating was 105, and that was his rookie year. Under Chuck Pagano, it's 73. It's true. Luck has had
  9. Cut everyone on the defense except Mathis, Vonte Davis, and Butler. Literally everyone else needs to get fired.
  10. Why did this team keep Pagano, Grigson, and this terrible defense around? They can't even tackle a tackling sled. Fire them all and get some guys from the stands. They cannot possibly be worse. I get that Pagano had leukemia and all, but he never has the team ready to play and was brought in to fix the defense. Andrew Luck shouldn't have to waste his career trying to carry such a cruddy * defense. Hell just let Luck play elsewhere so he can actually win something.
  11. Losing to a team of backups, when winning basically guarantees the division and a playoff spot. Can someone explain why this joke of a team never drafts offensive lineman? Andrew Luck has been getting killed for his entire career, yet they'd rather draft third string wide receivers. Cannot wait until Bill Cowher or Sean Payton comes in, along with a new GM. Andrew Luck's career has been completely botched so far.
  12. http://static.nfl.com/static/content/public/photo/2015/05/06/0ap3000000491462.png Trash. You win with QB and offensive line in this league.
  13. Is there a reason we drafted a receiver in round 1 instead of a position we actually needed?
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