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  1. Eh, didn't seem out of line- I thought Luck got hit late a couple times and maybe a PI they got by with, but nothing that bad- we didn't establish the run and that dropped third down pass on the first series really hurt.
  2. Yeah that's probably true. It's too bad it's so hard to recover, good for player safety though
  3. Yep. Maybe get a PI or something too and get the ball at the 1, then you go for it for sure. Well, goes without saying, another TD ends this- if they get down by 24 there's no way back. Get down 20 and maybe, if Chiefs play prevent- they've blown a lot of playoff games, although with different personnel.
  4. It does seem like he's pretty much finished. But man. That short of a kick. I thought for sure he makes that and it's only 2 possessions. Still some hope- with 3 possessions and them getting ball first, that's real tough.
  5. Easy to say after but I thought they would go for it. Don't think they can stop this Chiefs offense enough times to make up 14 point difference. Well, Chiefs are good. Team is probably going to be in the Super Bowl. Colts defense was actually not that bad in first half but if your offense does nothing against that bad of a defense and can't hold on to the ball for even a couple minutes, it's tough.
  6. Shocking. I never in a million years would believe he misses that kick. Sometimes it's not your day.
  7. Yep. I still would do it. We cannot ever, ever stop them. Missed FG probably ends game anyway.
  8. I think Reich will onside kick to start second half. Go for something to shake it up. Can't stop them.
  9. I think called timeout to give the defense a rest. Didn't matter. Just doesn't feel like with them getting ball to start second half there is much hope here. I would seriously try the onside kick to start the half, low probability of success but they haven't punted yet anyway.
  10. Couple of drops too. Feels like just a couple first downs maybe could have stemmed the tide. But 24-7 at half is tough.
  11. Well, 24-7 at half. But feels much worse. Not sure how this can turn around,
  12. Defense isn't playing well, but actually 16 first downs and 250 yards in a half for this offense isn't unusual. The Colts offense has TWENTY ONE YARDS in a half against a terrible defense.
  13. 259 to 21 in total yards, 16-0 in first downs. No exaggeration, for a playoff game this is historic. Probably the worst half a team ever played.
  14. Actually the defense, while it looks bad, not nearly as bad as the offense. KC offense is really good and their defense is historically bad. Luck needed to do SOMETHING to keep the defense off the field. No team ever made it through a half of a playoff game with no first downs but we might do it.
  15. Why not just pull all the starters at this point? Seriously? The backups can't by definition do any worse, maybe it would be a spark.
  16. Chiefs have the worst defense of any team in playoff history- and there is a real chance the Colts will not only get shut out, but not get a first down in the entire first half. It's one thing to lose, it's another thing to quit.
  17. Basically, this comes down to pride and professionalism. No team should quit in the divisional round of the playoffs. No team.
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