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  1. I'm skeptical after the decision to punt while losing by 21 points with 10 mins left in our last game. I'm afraid that's he will coach in an ultra conservative way. The kind of coach that will punt on 4th and 1 from the opposing 40 yard line with a middle of the pack defense... Basically how John Fox coached against us before Peyton got upset with him and stopped leaving the field
  2. If he wins in Denver it isn't a negative reflection on the Colts. He is playing the best that he has ever played and he has a ton of offensive weapons around him, roughly as good as he had with the Colts some years. He is an amazing player and I would love for him to win a Superbowl in Denver, I just think that the defense is going to let him down. Just like the Colts days...
  3. I was PO'd when I saw the punting team. 10 mins left in the game, down 3 possessions and you punt??? Just totally weak. Just shows that Pagano doesn't have the balls to win consistently...
  4. I live in western Idaho and get the Seahawks shoved down my throat. All of their games are broadcast here. Ill root for them because I know the team so well.
  5. This ride isn't over yet. I picked the Colts to win the Superbowl in the preseason and I'm not shying away from that pick now!
  6. Deep dish pepperoni, mushroom 3 cheese pizza. Garlic cheese bread sticks with whiskey, vodka and Brownies that are illegal in 48 states
  7. I live in the Northwest, Wilson is on TV out here all the time. I have always been impressed with his personality. He also does a lot of charity work. Seems like a really good person
  8. Manning told Irsay himself that he was crazy if he passed on Luck. Luck has vastly exceeded expectations for this point in his career. Also Manning was scheduled to make 27 million, so roughly 1/4 of the salary cap on 1 player who was just coming off a serious neck injury and surgery. This situation worked out greatly for both sides
  9. He had something like 7 rushes against the Chiefs, that is more than enough imo.
  10. I think both Danny Woodhead and Keenan Allen will have big games. For the Bronco Demarias Thomas will be very difficult for the Chargers to cover
  11. I feel sorry for Gruden. Working with one of the worst owners in the NFL with a QB that struggles to pass from the pocket and has trouble avoiding contact on run plays. Tough situation. I am very skeptical that anybody could be successful there at this point
  12. Lol there's Brady's shoulder again. He has been on every injury report with right shoulder for about 10 years
  13. That's awesome hopefully Landry is cleared to play
  14. I believe Dungy when he said he was never going back. Man that team would be scary if they had a decent coach!
  15. McD has done a very smart thing. That franchise is so horribly mismanaged and so impatient it would be very difficult to be successful there
  16. The Pats have a good running game. Hopefully Donald, Trent and the Oline can give some back. I have a feeling that Whalen is going to have a big game.
  17. I seriously hope we aren't in a situation where Luck has to throw 40 times! 19/26 246 yards, 2 TD. 4 rushes 35 yards including a kneel down at the end
  18. Just talk * to him throughout the game and block him hard. Talib has a short temper, he will get frustrated and commit 15 yard penalties and get benched or ejected. Otherwise I feel that our receivers can beat him
  19. I believe that the Colts will win this year. If we don't it will probably be an NFC team. Seahawks, 49ers and Panthers are all dangerous balanced teams. The Chargers have also have a shot given how they have played recently
  20. I like this match up for us. Honestly I like the way we match up against any team in the playoffs. Belichick is going to take away Hilton and Fleener so I'm expecting big games from Whalen, Da'Rick and Brown. The Colts are solid this year. I believe that we can rip off 3 more wins in a row
  21. Personally I have always thought that resting players was a terrible idea. Allowing your team to lose while the starters watch helplessly from the bench seems to break teams mentally. I was ready to burn all of my Colts stuff when they gave up on the perfect season
  22. I sincerely hope that he gets the job. Getting 2 free wins per season from the Titans sounds great.
  23. The run blocking was pretty bad and Luck was pressured all day. He is getting so much better at throwing the ball faster which covers up the pure fail that is the Satele - McGlynn interior line
  24. I'm all for Luck scrambling if there is an open lane but I'm not a big fan of designed QB runs. The less that Luck gets hit the better
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