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  1. I asked this question during the game. Where is Kavell Conner?
  2. I can't see how Rogers can play ahead of Brazil. This guy was a good player last year for Colts. Rogers cut by another team.
  3. 12-4 very possible. This team might well run the table. But hiccups will happen to every team.
  4. Not very likely Colts trade top 2 draft choice in same year. They may make that trade if it is for a 2nd in 215.
  5. Doesn't matter if they know tendencies, if you execute properly, plays will work.
  6. This guy needs time with the o line before we see the best of him. I don't think it matters whether there is a full back or not.
  7. The o line still does not give Luck enough time to throw a good deep ball consistently.
  8. The only reason Luck is getting credit now is because the media cannot praise their darling RG3 right now. Should have been ROY last year.
  9. 20 carries 95 yards. Not a breakaway runner. Doubt very seriously he gets many 100 yd games.
  10. It seems like the correct decision was made across the board. Peyton Manning made the right decision and so did the colts.
  11. Looking forward to watching game. Did not get a chance to watch it on Sunday. Not televised in my region. Looking forward seeing DB and WR match ups.
  12. All of the undefeated teams should be ranked ahead of the Colts. The schedule should not matter. All of these teams play in the NFL.
  13. Almost all of the media types dismiss the Colts. Maybe if they beat the Denver, they will get some respect
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