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  1. Gameday! Lets GO COLTS!

  2. I can see why you feel the way you feel in your last sentence here by some of the stuff I have read on this forum. Although criticism is what fans do. I love our Colts and support them profoundly. But as a fan, when I see a silly mistake or a bad playcall I feel impassioned. Its what "I" do. I respect your opinions and if I dont agree, well thats what fans do...
  3. Thanks Smash Mouth, apparently we are'nt one of the forum homers...
  4. HEY! Now you're getting the hang of it! And you did'nt credit that great Raven defense. Im proud of you!
  5. So you think the playcalling that resulted in the Eagles loss was not a good example? Let me guess, it was the superior Eagle defense thats not getting enough credit from a black and white Colts fan.... And while you're reading peoples minds, explain to me wth you're talking about concerning BHC. I know the Ravens play great defense and put pressure on thier opponants, its what they get paid to do. My point is not what the defense caused but what our own mistakes caused. (see Eagles game) Surely this forum is'nt full of Superior know-it-all Mods and a handful of wannabes sniffing what they h
  6. Krunk it does'nt matter what you post here, it will be misconstrued by a know-it-all. I thought a forum was a place to discuss concerns and optimisms. Seems everything here is fairy dust and butterflies. Dont you dare agree with me and my thought/concerns... Give credit to those Eagles for causing the bad playcalling that took away the 2 possession lead late in that game, and credit to those Ravens for forcing Bradshaw to fight for inches that mean nothing with a FG and a 2 possession lead with seconds left in the game.
  7. Are people really that stupid? The Colts handed the Eagles a win with bonehead mistakes/playcalling. Why call a passing play when running the ball and kicking a FG puts them up 2 scores late vs the Eagles? Yesterday was a similar scenario to the Eagles game. Why is Bradshaw twisting and turning fighting for extra yards when the clock is ticking late and they can pretty much seal it with a FG? Did I say EVERY team should be perfect? Is it possible for EVERY team to be perfect? Obviously EVERYONE is human so the answer is conspicuous. And BTW, I believe game/clock management would make your "e
  8. C'mon man, don't you know it was the Ravens defense that made Pep make those playcalls. Give credit where credit is due.SMH How dare a Colts fan on a Colts forum actually comment on mistakes or playcalling and not give the credit to the other teams.... <SARCASM>
  9. So the Ravens defense made the Colts make all those mistakes? Let me get this straight, everytime our Colts make a mistake it was because of the opponant? You sir are a delusional Debbie Downer. What does the opposition have to do with boneheaded mistakes and poor playcalling? Get over yourself. I find it incredulous that you are so narrow minded to believe it is the "other teams" doings when our Colts players/coaches make mistakes that effect the outcome of the game. I don't suppose you know what the slang term "shoot yourself in the foot" means eh? Sure the Ravens D made a game of it, by cap
  10. Definately the defense won this game. Pretty much shut the Ravens offense down. Steve Smith dress today?
  11. Man if we could just clean up some of the dumb mistakes. I mean c'mon man! Seems every game we have a chance to blow it wide open only to let the other teams back in it or even blow the game. Just look back to the Bronco's and Eagles games. Nearly blew this one with the fumble late.. Clean it up and we are 5-0
  12. Your external link says ZT was waived....
  13. Care to wager that bet? I got a $1000 says they won't...... put your money where your mouth is
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