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  1. None of this is surprising in the slightest. I'd expect nothing less out of Peyton. And its still bizarre to me and probably always will be seeing Peyton wearing Broncos gear.
  2. From Ryan Diem's twitter: @ryandiem: http://www.twitplus.co.uk/t/4hk
  3. Good Luck to Ryan Diem, and happy retirement. Its sad to see so many of the familiar faces leaving, being fired, retiring, etc.
  4. Thomas will likely be Peyton's #1 receiver in Denver, Eric Decker #2. Caldwell #3/slot. They just made a TE pickup too.
  5. This is a gross oversimplification of anything and everything that I said and that a lot of the posters that are upset here said. And here we go with the "if you disagree with the decision to fire the greatest player in the history of the Indianapolis Colts you aren't a real Colts fan B.S." Wow.
  6. I didn't mean the decision to cut Peyton was easy. I'm sure it wasn't. But I think firing everyone, cutting everyone, and starting over from scratch was the easier route rather than shuffling, repairing and reloading with the pieces already in place. This team was competitive EVERY YEAR that Peyton Manning played a down of football. Every year we were contendors to make to the Super Bowl. There is no reason why we couldn't have been with a healthy or even semi-healthy Peyton again this next year. Peyton made everyone around him better. I understand the cuts of Brackett, Bullit, Clark, etc M
  7. I am most likely going to avoid the Tebow subject at ALL costs...unless one of them starts bashing Peyton...and even then I'd stick to defending Peyton versus bashing Timmy. ;)
  8. I think the idea that Peyton being cut from the team was a mutual decision is ludicrious. Peyton said that up until the day before his farewell press conference that he thought he was stilll going to be a Colt. I believe that he wanted to be. I understand the logical arguments for why Irsay "had" to do what he did. But just think, what if we'd won just ONE more game and the team didn't have the 1st pick of the draft? Would Irsay have sucked it up and paid Peyton's bonus? I also can't really understand how, knowing Peyton wasn't healthy, that they entered into a contract structured such that
  9. The Broncos are most definately my 2nd team now. Colts will always be first. But I see nothing wrong or nothing disloyal to the Colts to rooting for the man that led us for 14 years to continue to be successful and continue to win. Remember, if Peyton had his choice, he'd still be in Colts blue. He did nothing wrong, IMO. I thought Peyton's Bronco's presser was good ...I think he looked slightly unsettled, like he was thinking, "how in the world did I get here?" That's to be expected though. As "workinman" also said above, my third favorite team is whomever is playing the Pats. No amount of
  10. Yep. And I find it unintentionally humorous that she is the only one in the photo NOT looking at the camera. ;-)
  11. Couldn't agree more. I want Peyton Manning to remain a Colt. I want him to retire a Colt and for there to be parades and statues and the whole ball of wax. But at this point, I just want the media leaks, stories, back and forth statements, tweets, and media blitz to STOP. Make a decision. If it is to let Peyton be released, whether or not that is in the team's best interests can be argument, but regardless, fans are going to be upset. There is no way they won't be. Get the decision over with if this is going to be it, and let us start to "grieve". But stop with the media games.
  12. The woman is Meg Ryan, the actress. She is John Cougar Mellancamp's girlfriend.
  13. Depressing....SO DEPRESSING. was hoping to have him back in December.
  14. There were definite bright spots in the game for the Colts last night (the defense, as you said), but in the end, all that matters is the W-L column. And unfortunately, we're 0-3. If we can't score in the red zone when the Defense is handing the offense field position on a silver platter, its gonna be a long rest of the season.
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