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  1. 41 minutes ago, DoubleE Colt said:

    I believe the idea is the each teams extra game will be against the team in the same position in the equivalent conference.....so for example next year the Colts would play the second placed team in last season's NFC South...so the Bucs

    Which wouldn't work since we'd play that division every 4 years. Not sure they'd have us play a non-conference team twice in a season.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    Wow some good stuff. Even though he was bad this year I am still surprised that their wasn’t a bigger market. You have to think the colts needing a QB kind of pushed him to ask for a trade hoping he could end up here. Colts got lucky with a QB that wanted to be here and a agent that helped get him here. 


    I'm sure cap room removed a lot of teams interest.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, richard pallo said:

    Meeting or not I don't think Ballard is going to let this drag on.  He wants to find a veteran QB and I would bet he gives an ultimatum and if our offer isn't good enough he's moving on.  This already has taken longer than it should have.   


    I'd think he'd let it drag on until he has a deal on the next option. Leave the offer on the table, move to the next option. 

    If it leaks, Eagles react(?).

    Why close a door you don't need to.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, csmopar said:

    Mahomes also is banged up, he hurt his ankle... again.


    Which is what I have a problem with highly mobile QBs like Mahomes, Jackson, Watson, Wilson, RG3 etc. The guys that make 75% of their plays by running and throwing.  Those types of QBs get banged up and their effectiveness drops substantially. 

    That said, Wilson has shown he can play in the pocket and I think Watson can too. Which is why I'm okay with going after those guys. 


    I also think you need WRs who can get open early for Wilson & Watson and they need to get used to that so they don't default to scrambling, even if just within the pocket..

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  5. 3 minutes ago, runthepost said:

    Think he’s the number one male artist in terms of stream but all live production sounds bad on TV lol

    There's been good half time shows, though. Production wise anyway (performances often stink).

    Doesn't help that I'd never heard of him or any of his songs,  'cept for the song they pound into your brain via commercials. 

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  6. I'd like to go on record to say that I'm not in favor of bringing in Wentz.

    I'm not in favor of Wentz mainly due to his play in 2020, though rumored locker room issues would be concerning, as well.

    I wasn't in favor of bringing in Rivers.

    I wasn't in favor of bringing in Rivers due to his play the previous year.

    I guess I need to continue to trust those who are closer to the situation than I.

    There, I'm on the record.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Hoose said:

    Robinson as our new #1 receiver? You bet. 

    A new LT at #21 in the draft? I'm just fine with that. 

    Trubisky as the new signal caller? Not unless you can get him very cheap. He has really struggled with the Bears, though there have been positive moments. 

    I'd rather sign Fitzmagic to a two year deal to mentor Eason and get the kid ready for prime time, and take the reins while Eason gets ready. But either way, there is obviously going to have to be a veteran signed to run things for the time being. Tough situation. 

    I could certainly get surprised but I can't imagine Trubinsky taking up much cap space. He's likely looking at one year also. 

    If he does only want one year do we still pick him up? 

  8. 11 hours ago, w87r said:

    Im going to leave him at 10 and just take a look at these positives to make myself feel better if it happens. 


    I have Fitz a 3 I think, Cam at 4 or 5. Dalton at 9(just meh)


    Cam would make our run game pretty nasty, RPO would be crazy and if he could not throw 1 hoppers to WRs it could be deadly. That's a big if though.


    In actuality I hope it isn't any of those guys 

    If we bring in someone for a 1-3 year hold my place deal, I'm looking for a mature, good locker room, good work ethic, guy. I'm not as concerned over the number of wins as I am the example, though I do want as many wins as we can get along the way. I think our team could win just fine with a game manager, so just don't be a turnover machine.


    There's only a small handful of such guys on that list. The rest are younger and Cam.


    My expectation was to have such place holder model for a year, then hopefully Eason (or someone like him) is ready and the place holder supports. If it has to go to 3 years, so be it.


    NOW, I gotta say, I was resigned to this option until I saw the names on the list. I'm underwhelmed and no longer enthusiastic to go that route with most all of those guys, and therefore, I'm not responding to that thread out of respect of the OPs wishes.


    That said, next option may be to follow the same path with different names (Carr, Jimmy G, etc), but those guys are a bit more expensive, no? On the other hand, they could work out just fine, and be here beyond that suggested 3 years.


    Next option would seem to be trading for an established, REALLY GOOD, vet, only based on Irsay's earlier comments. Seems you're spending more for this than moving up into the top 5 in the draft. They're established, but also older.


    Moving up in the draft? I think there's Lawrence, then 2 or 3 that'll likely go in the top 10. One of those I don't want (Fields), one I equate to Love (Lance), and one other that seems solid (Wilson). 


    We're not getting the #1 pick. Wilson is likely going #2, so that's unlikely. I'm not sure I'd take Fields at 21. I'd have to think about that long and hard. Likely trade out. Lance? See Love. You don't trade up for that, as it turns out.


    Next tier? Trask, Jones, and a few others I'm not familiar with. I think there's a handful in this tier many of which will make it to 21, so if you're interested in any of them, I wouldn't necessarily move up for any of them. There's a great likelihood that anyone at 21 may not be any more ready to start week 1 than Eason is. 


    With Stafford gone, I'm torn, and will trust Ballard's imagination.


    Edit: Perhaps we sign one of those guys to sit and support Eason, who starts(?)

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