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  1. As a Seahawk fan I can tell you, we all held our breath when the smack talk began. But then we realized Sherman was backing it up to the point where Stephen Smith AND Skip Bayless both had to call themselves *s and PROFUSELY apologize to Sherman ON AIR. I have never seen both of them EVER do that to that degree. Ever played against that guy on the basketball court that would never shut up? That's Sherman. He writes articles as well for news outlets(blogs) I mean the guy is simply in a league of his own. And yes, that documentary about him and his upbringing gives you a real idea of where he is from and how his family influenced who is he today and also give most people more respect for him as you guys already know. Good luck game day Gents!
  2. The only picks that Luck will give to Sherman are pick 6's and int picks. But you never know. My money says they will not test Sherman's side too often. As a Seahawk fan I find you guys as classy a fan base as they come(knuckleheads from both forums aside). And good luck on Sunday. Personally, I have this as a loss for the Hawks. And Schefter from ESPN has it as a win for the Seahawks, which is the KISS OF DEATH for us since he is by far the worst "expert" at picking games this season. I will be rooting for the hawks and hope that Luck does not pick us apart like a turkey shoot, but in YOUR house and with our O line as decimated as it is, I see no way we score much on your stingy defense. The wildcard is our Defense. if our defense can hold you guys, then it means that whoever wins the game is whoever has the ball last. Again guys and gals, good luck I hope the refs let the game be played and that no one gets hurt on either side.
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