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  1. TYtheMan13

    Which Player is on your OTA/Training Camp Radar?

    Steve Ishmael
  2. TYtheMan13

    tampa 2 vs cover 3

    here's a couple videos that I've seen. Yea I've seen those predictions as well. I was just stating the best case scenarios for him that I've seen. Either way he's seen as a steal no matter what round. Me personally if he's there in the 3rd, and as a team you feel good about him, then you take him. He's produced and earned defensive player of the yr for their conference. If not for his one hand he's a 1st rd pick. But like you've said, i seen some articles saying he's a late 2nd day, early 3rd day draft pick (late 3rd, early 4th rd). For the Colts i think he'd be a great addition (although I'm just a fan not a actual scout or anything).The best i heard were stated in these videos i linked. Btw in the 2nd video (around the 2:15 mark) its stated he predicts him to go in the 3rd round..Enjoy
  3. TYtheMan13

    tampa 2 vs cover 3

    Pick Shaquem Griffin with one of our 2nd rd picks or 3rd rd pick (If he drops that low..he's projected to go mid 2nd-3rd round)!! Great speed and instincts!! Amazing closing speed and NEVER quits!! Also has the speed to cover running backs and tight ends.. that would be a great addition to our linebacker group. Would instantly become our best linebacker (judging if we don't draft another linebacker higher).. just needs to add more muscle/ weight. The talent and tape don't lie!! And he's exactly what Ballard and Reich want in the new scheme. Fast, instinctive, and good hearted players that love the game and can hit!! If you dont believe me (or the experts who evaluate and talk about players for a living) then take a look for yourself on YouTube. Even the Ravens GM said himself that he has good tape.
  4. TYtheMan13

    Pugh to Cards

    We GOT TO bring Mewhort back now!!! Just to have a decent lineman on the interior at least!! Other than kelly
  5. TYtheMan13

    Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Well.. this was a true blistering lmao... today is a sad day to be a colts fan.. and I'm a die hard fan, but i was NOT expecting this!!!