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  1. Read article on NFL.com saying Bears are considering trading away Forte, should Colts pursue? What do you guys think? http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000548369/article/matt-forte-among-players-bears-would-consider-trading
  2. So who's active for the oline? Back up wise
  3. Fred Jackson?! Released from bills today..tim jennings (if toler neck injury is going to have him out a while)
  4. Chuck Pagano says Arthur Jones went out with an ankle injury. Evaluate Jones tomorrow. Doesn't know severity. fingers crossed, this could be a great year for the colts, and he would be a BIG piece of their success
  5. agree, also Pendleton could be a option..he was ok when he played last year.
  6. how has he? (I ask because I cant watch the games, not to argue). I see he had 6car 16yards...not exactly impressive but I could be missing something.
  7. Hopefully he's not too hurt, or out long..but IF he is then our Dline Depth will really be tested (run defense could be bad especially the first 2 weeks against running teams)...I realize Anderson would take his place but then who do you guys think will rotate with Anderson? does this mean we should keep 7 DL?!
  8. I thought all four of his TD's came from Hassleback?
  9. Go Duron!!! I really hope he keeps this up!!
  10. Any news on how Zach Kerr is playing? and Geathers as a SAFETY? ( not In dime package in the box)
  11. Is there any live tackling? or are they just wrapping up?
  12. Can someone please tell me if Carter is working with the 2's, or even some reps with the 1's? and Dorsett too? Also has Vincent Brown been doing ANYTHING to win a spot over Whalen?
  13. Anything on Carter? Like what team he practices with, any catches?
  14. oh, thought it was a IO Hawk, cuz those definitely run for about 1500..i just googled the price of one...guess his is another brand/ different (cheaper) version of it.
  15. Its an IO Hawk..very Expensive, new thing everyone with a good amount of extra money is buying...price is like 1,499 ( obviously over 1,500 after tax)
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