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  1. Happy Saint Paddy's Day!!!! And Happy Birthday Grandpa in heaven ♡♡♡

    1. southwest1


      Okay, I am little late here, but Happy Luck Of The Irish Day to ya too.

  2. Good going D'Qwell. After the Colts release you and nobody wants you, you might have to work for Dominoes too....*!

    1. kjyb


      i dont think there going to release him though

  3. Really D'Qwell???? How stupid...so when the Colts cut you and nobody wants you, you may need a job at Dominoes too!! *!

  4. I hope there is a lot of changes taking place during the Colts off season. This is unacceptable. There is only so much tequilia I can drink to ease the suffering lol. Going to watch untill the end...still a true fan of Luck!

    1. southwest1


      Yeah Kimberly, a swift exit in the Championship Game bothers me too. We gotta generate running lanes to take pressure off of Luck & hang with the Patriots. I really deplore getting dominated on the eve of playing in another SB game.

  5. I hope the powers that be in the Colts organization take a long look and realize changes are going to be made to move forward. Getting blown out is unacceptable!!!

  6. Da'Rick Rogers released for DUI, LaRon Landry suspended 4 games for ped... come on guys...you should know better.

    1. southwest1


      Yes Kimberly, I agree 100% SW1 is always disappointed when circumstances like this happen on my favorite NFL squad. Just learn from it & try not to repeat the same mistake.

  7. Thank you all for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday today. It put a smile on my face :)

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    2. Kimberly Lynn French
    3. southwest1


      I'm a little late but I hope your birthday celebration was a pleasant & memorable one Kimberly. :)

    4. Kimberly Lynn French

      Kimberly Lynn French

      It was thank you. Had a great time. Was able to go to Jacksonville and see the Colts play:)

  8. To all of my family and friends in Connecticut. A friend of mine has been laid off. He is looking for work and if you know of anybody who needs a Director of Information Technology let me know. Thank you!!!

  9. Very proud of the Colts too!!! Poised to have a comeback, just wasn't thier night...
  10. The Colts had missed opportunities, but they played tough till the end. Tough loss but still proud of their effort.
  11. Already have tix for the Colts VS Jax in sept in Jax. I live in SC so this is the closest place to go see them. Looking forward to see them play...:) :) :)

  12. They started to bloom yesterday :-)

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    2. Kimberly Lynn French

      Kimberly Lynn French

      Yes I am talking about the lilies that started to bloom in my yard. My facebook page is linked to this forum. Not sure how to post a pic of them :)

    3. shecolt


      I'll send you a pm to explain how to post a pic.

    4. Kimberly Lynn French
  13. I thought the schedule was to be released tonight at 8pm?? Is this inside information??? I hope so...I am off from work during that time
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