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  1. Last impression before I sign off... respect your coach, respect the heck out of Luck and the talent on the field, it was a hard fought game Still respect Hasselbeck and intend to see him hoisted in our ring of honor enjoyed the hospitality of almost all of the fans I talked to on the board disappointed how a few treat a respectful fan after you won the game Hawk fans are a good bunch, we all have a few bad apples that are not representing the majority. It's easy to talk smack to a losing team on the way out of your door, but definitely not "classy" and tarnishes what is probably a good bun
  2. I actually had fun talking with some of you, but probably time to bow out when I am getting flack for giving you a different view from the losing team POV. It wasn't my picture that was posted, but you might re-read my post where I said we discounted it and thought it to be a thread.
  3. actually we are being pretty decent... some crazy pic comes to our attention and we try to be objective. Loss is a loss though and we can't go hunting for excuses, as it doesn't serve anything. Our board is just in the mode of re-hashing what we think we did or didnt do right today and someone brought it up, can't fault us for that. Like I said, most likely a non-issue but this is for someone else at a higher pay grade than me to sort out.
  4. Seattle fan here... we saw that too, interesting but most of us figured it could be a loose thread. Whether it is or if it isn't stickem...no excuses, we still lost and on to the next game for us. This is for someone else to figure out.
  5. yep... our guys will use this as motivation and try to win out and meet you again. Now that would be a superbowl I would like to see. Have a good one
  6. Seahawk fan here... bummed for sure, but heck of a game Colts. Our backup Oline did pretty well today, but I think our receivers were off a bit today. Our defense we great except for Thurmond on Reggie...Thurmond is a top notch corner, but Reggie got the best of him. Both Marshawn and Russell both has 100 yds today though. Hopefully we meet up again in the playoffs
  7. thanks, no reason we can't hang out... all we can ask is that it is a great game each week. We will take our loss with our heads up and hopefully we get our 3 linemen back soon and then Percy Harvin. Should be a wild year. You have to admit Russell Wilson surprised you though...right?
  8. good game Colts... knew it would be a close one and a battle
  9. earl thomas giving Luck some props...playing hard and still respecting where due. I like it
  10. earl Thomas is kind of fast...When Hasselback was on our team he said he couldnt believe earl's closing speed
  11. I'm not sure why this game got the backup announcers...two good teams in a battle.
  12. another Hawk here... heck of a battle. These two QBs are special, you just expect greatness every play from them both. Couple of silly flags, but otherwise I'm on the edge of my seat watching football like it is supposed to be.
  13. Seahawks fan here...I might check in to this thread once in a while and bounce back and forth from our site (if you guys don't mind) and I can maybe answer any Seahawks related questions that come up. Win or lose, it's not a bad thing for decent opposing fans to hang out on game day
  14. we didn't have Unger, Giacomini, Okung against the Texans and it was the first start for our rookie tackle... This week having Miller out really hurts, but we will see how our new TE Willson (with two Ls) does. But we did get Irvin back at fast LB. Hawks are definitely playing "next man up" on OLine.
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