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  1. If Peyton retires a Colt, I will be a Colt fan for life. If they sever ties with Peyton, I will root for Peyton even if he is playing the Colts.
  2. Mathis. Wayne is closer to the end of his career. Also, if you lose Mathis, you take ammo away from an already suspect defense.
  3. Just saw on ESPN First Take where RG3 would asked if he would be comfortable sitting behind Peyton Manning for a while if drafted by Indianapolis. He said he would do it gladly because of his respect and admiration for Manning and that he didn't want to be the guy that sent Peyton packing. He also said Manning should be allowed to play as long as he wants in Indy. Sounds like a more humble guy and someone who is more willing to sit and learn than Andrew Luck to me.
  4. I've always rooted for Eli and continue to. I would LOVE an Eli/Tebow Super Bowl.
  5. If you'll recall, to get to the Super Bowl, Peyton had to lead the Colts back from being down 21-3, and again had to lead a two minute drill to get the win against the Pats.
  6. . Fans clamor for a Super Bowl win. Then he gives them one and it's not good enough because they didn't beat a good team? People never cease to amaze me.
  7. Don't you dare try to force logic on people. Don't you dare, sir.
  8. Oh my God! You're so clever! Who was the MVP of that game? Why are you hating on the only player that makes your team relevant? I have been hoping Peyton would return to Indy next year and win another title or two, but the way a lot of "fans of the TEAM" are acting, I'm starting to prefer he goes elsewhere and does it while you guys see how far Luck takes this train wreck of a team.
  9. . Yeah. So true. By the way, which QB won that Super Bowl ring in your pic, bro?
  10. No, you're not "just saying" that. You were taking a pot shot at Manning because you are high on the Luck Kool-Aid. Wanting to rebuild is one thing, but taking low blows at the greatest player to ever play for your franchise is ridiculous.
  11. Since when are Peyton and "the FRANCHISE" on opposite sides? Maybe he realizes that without Peyton there is no franchise.
  12. Yeah, you're right. He hasn't done enough for this franchise. I'm sure he was way more ticked off than you were that he had to sit this season out. I can't believe anyone who claims to be a Colts fan would even dream of insinuating that Peyton Manning values his financial interests over putting a quality team on the field.
  13. Just so you know, that said s-natch him up.
  14. Of course he's not available, because another team will * him up, just like I said, because Irsay won't pull the trigger on firing Caldwell. We still have a coach, so we can't interview coaching candidates. Fisher will accept a job with another team before the Colts even decide whether to keep Caldwell or not.
  15. Yes, there will be. There will always be college players who are the next big thing and will be the most highly touted prospect since ___________. It is absolutely baffling to me how many of you seem to genuinely believe that Luck has no peers. That's just ridiculous. Why do you believe that? Because his name is all over ESPN? Are any of you pro football scouts who are trained to evaluate players' potential? Oh, also, to all you who keep spouting that he's the "best since Elway"... Do you know how old Elway was when he won his first Super Bowl? 37. If he had been your QB, you would have alread
  16. I am a Colts fan, but I posted something in another thread about this: I hate the Patriots, but I have a lot of respect for Bob Kraft and the way he runs a football team. If this had happened to Brady, and the Pats suffered through the same type of season that we did and got the first pick, there is no way Brady would be on his way out in New England. The Pats have worked draft day trades so much in the past few years, that I am 99% sure they would find a team desperate to draft Luck and fleece that team to surround Brady with weapons.
  17. Great. Philadelphia is definitely the portrait of team unity. Maybe this guy can help us build a "Dream Team" like Philly's.
  18. I became a Colts fan because of Peyton Manning. I am not from Indiana and don't feel a deep connection to the Colts beyond Peyton Manning. If Peyton retires a Colt, then maybe I can become a fan of the team first from that point on. But, as of now, my allegiance to Peyton is greater than my allegiance to the team. If he goes somewhere else, I will become a fan of that team, at least for the remainder of his career. When you live in an area that doesn't have a pro team (the closest one being Cincinnati, which has been pretty much a joke my whole life), you tend to become fans of players rather
  19. Because we only THINK he's worth five picks. It's all speculation as to what a college player is worth. By taking the five players, you put your eggs in different baskets, so to speak.
  20. Really guys, I never said that we should draft Weeden. All I'm saying is that he looked just as good as Luck in one game. I think Luck will be the better pro. I am just pointing out that the gap between Luck and the rest of the field of QBs is not as great as some of you would like to make it seem.
  21. NO! Luck is the only QB that we can take and still have a prayer at ever being competitive in the future. Point blank. Period. To suggest taking another QB shows that you are either vastly uninformed or are secretly trying to sabotage the Colts franchise. We shouldn't be thinking about other QBs. If we don't take Luck, we are doomed to decades of failure. He is destined to be the next Unitas, Elway, and Manning all rolled into one...only better. Take your Case Keenum garbage elsewhere. by the way.
  22. Yeah, and Weeden had 399 yards, 3 TD, and 1 pick against a much better defense than Luck was facing. So, in what way did Luck look better?
  23. Throwing 2 TDs and a pick in a loss? Don't know how to tell you this, but he didn't look as good as Brandon Weeden last night. Plus, Weeden was passing against a better defense.
  24. I don't share Whitlock's pessimism about the direction of the Colts organization, I guess. I could see Luck not wanting to come here because he didn't want to sit behind Manning, but not because he doesn't feel we will be very good for a while. Heck, isn't that the whole premise of the draft?
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