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  1. If you guys think Caldwell's style is too conservative and not gusty enough, you will HATE watching a Tressel-coached team. I'd like to see the Colts take their time and really bring in some guys and evaluate where they want to go with the team. My short list would be Cowher, Rob Ryan, Gruden. If none of those guys want it, then you start looking at guys at the next tier.
  2. So Manning is hamstrung by the fact that he was expected to be good? That's ridiculous.
  3. I find VERY unlikely that Vandy will get into the HoF. If he did, it would be because of his accuracy throughout his career, certainly not because he was clutch. Clutch means that when the game is on the line, you can count on him to come through. That does not describe Mike Vanderjagt.
  4. There are no players on the Colts roster that a team would give up a first round pick for. I wouldn't mind trading Wayne or Clark for a second round pick if we could get it.
  5. Not likely. We have real shots, if we play like we played on Sunday night against the Steelers, at beating Kansas City, Cincinnati, Carolina, Jacksonville (2X), and maybe the home game against Tennessee.
  6. First of all, why do Patriots fans even come to this board if not to stir up crap in the Manning/Brady debate? This is on colts.com, so there is no reason for Pats fans to be here, especially if they don't want their QB badmouthed when posting articles about him. The point is, don't come to a Colts forum posting articles about Brady and then get butt hurt when he gets criticized.
  7. If we lose Wayne, I think we need to pick up a top WR in the draft. Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State maybe? I just don't think Garcon or Collie would make a viable #1 receiver.
  8. All the Peyton bashers really need to take their heads out of their rears. This franchise is nothing without Peyton Manning. The man has dedicated more to this team than anyone. He is the best at his position, yet he still works harder than any athlete I've ever seen in any sport. To insinuate that he is part of some conspiracy to make the team suck this year or that he tried to fleece the Colts for money when he knew he couldn't play is an insult to a guy that has demonstrated impeccable character and commitment to this team.
  9. The best suggestion I have seen, assuming that we pick in the top 5, is to draft Matt Kalil, the OT out of USC. This would allow us to move Costanzo to RT and play Kalil at LT, shoring up the OL a lot. I have a lot of confidence that Manning will be back next season at a high level. But if he isn't, and we draft Luck and put him behind the current OL, we have killed his career. He will be Tim Couch or David Carr. You cannot stand a rookie QB up behind a poor OL and expect him to succeed. What I'm saying is, even if we have to look for a new franchise QB, we have got to have a solid offensive l
  10. Really? You list 5 teams that have won Super Bowls with sub-par QBs and then make the sweeping generalization that they're not important to winning games? Think of how many more Super Bowls have been won by elite QBs...Manning, Brady, Favre, Montana, Young, Aikman, Staubach, Starr, Elway, etc. It might not be essential for a team to have a good QB to win, but a team can win or lose a game based on QB play. The reason everyone blames Collins is because Manning was able to take this same team and make them contenders last year. Was the talent any better last year? No. What does that mean? It mus
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