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  1. Good back up. solid in a pinch. Wouldn't want to rely on him as a full time starter.
  2. Well, in all honesty. the Broncos are, in fact, the best team in the AFC. Does that mean that they will sweep the AFC? Of course not. Even the best teams lose, that's why going undefeated is such a rarity. The Patriots are, obviously, the closest to them I believe. However, with both teams at 100% I would put my money on the Broncos. As a Colts fan, I'm not "scared" of any team in the NFL. I know the Colts are capable of beating them all. It doesn't necessarily mean they're BETTER than all of them. Like last year, the Colts beat the Seahawks, Broncos, AND 49ers. In my heart of hea
  3. Well....now we need a FS and a Center....

    1. ColtsBTM12
    2. CR91


      And another pass rusher

  4. Yeah, like Andy said, that's a big boy contract. I'm hoping it's somewhat front-loaded. (For when Luck gets his $16+ million per year) Still, though, glad he's back. I do feel like he could have gotten more elsewhere.
  5. He struggled last year, but overall he's been a pretty good guard. You also know better than to listen to fans on forums
  6. He's an interesting guy. He was really good early on in his career, then he declined a bit. He had some injuries, so maybe that hurt his production a bit. I don't think he'd be too expensive, and he'd likely be the best Guard on our team if we were to sign him. (Which isn't saying much, I know)
  7. IDK, the media for the most part has been way positive on Talib of late. So, not sure that's a reason I wouldn't like him. He's a headcase because I've seen him get easily frustrated, and benched for poor play (even when on the patriots) after getting upset. He starts committing penalties and costs the team. Yes, Vontae is inconsistent, but over his career, Talib has proven to be inconsistent as well. Also, like you said... Maybe, just maybe...Vontae will get better? Why is is possible that Talib got better, but Vontae wont? I'm not saying Talib is a bum, or he's bad. He's a really t
  8. Huh. I don't get the Davis hate. Sure, he may be asking for too much money, but can you blame him? Get what you can while you can... Also , there's really no replacement for him in FA this year. Certainly no "cheap" option. People keep throwing Verners name around, and he's really not an option for us. He's a zone corner, who is going to be asking just as much as Davis. For what we do, Davis is the best option. Edit: Also, as someone who lives in the Tampa area and has watched him since his rookie year, Talib isn't really much better than Davis. You wanna talk about inconsistent? lol Al
  9. I mean...this is good I guess...but what's gonna happen to The Big Bang Theory!?!?!?
  10. This is spot on. Luck, whether he demands it or not, is going to make $19+ a year after his rookie contract. That's how the business works. We have a fairly short window of opportunity to field a great team along side what seems to be a franchise QB. After these next few years, we're gonna be right back where we were with Peyton. (Not to make that seem like a bad thing...we had a lot of great years.) I'd just like to see us win as a team before we're forced to put it all on our QB because we can't afford a defense again. Also, for those who think he wont be WORTH the huge contract,
  11. No thanks. For one, he really isn't that good. Back-up Tackle at best. Two, he's already shown he has some major character issues. The whole thing with Incognito has been awful. They were both at fault, Martin wasn't a victim there. Looks like he just got mad and threw the organization under the bus. I'll pass.
  12. Wow. How pathetic. Now Peyton's legacy is cemented, unfortunately, as a failure. Whether he deserves it or not.

  13. I don't really agree with Sapp's comments, but I'd say Sapp was a better player than Strahan. The Bucs defense started with him. Yes, there was other talent, but he was the one who made it all go. This is coming from someone who lives in Tampa and has seen hundreds of Bucs games/press conferences over the years. Is he a loudmouth? Sure, but no worse than most of them. Is he overrated like many think he is? definitely not.
  14. Ha! This is awesome. Best pro bowl in years, I think
  15. i dont think he got his feet in...maybe he did
  16. Broncos have fallen apart... false start? wow
  17. That's Probly it. It would take a pretty epic collapse now
  18. Wow.... What a late flag. Probly offsetting penalties, though Edit: nevermind!
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