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  1. Chat room's open for the game!

  2. Boy, I sure hope I'm right about TRich and he improves a lot this year. I have almost zero confidence that Bradshaw will last the entire season... We'll see. Plz don't spend a 1st round pick on another RB Grigs...
  3. Dang. We'll see where this goes, I guess... Wonder who the 4 interested teams are. I doubt Denver or Indy are in the mix. Maybe Carolina? Possibly the Pats....
  4. I'm pretty sure we're only mentioned because we could actually afford it. I don't see the need, and don't think it will happen. However, with the way Grigs throws draft picks around, I really wouldn't be all that shocked.
  5. Well...this comparison isn't exactly fair. I do, however, agree with some of the points. Landry hasn't shown the slightest interest in being any sort of leader, and I don't understand why he would rather work out by himself instead of with his team. I don't particularly like him, or his playing style of "let's do nothing but try to destroy people and whiff half the time" but...I'm also not willing to call him a bust for us yet. I think you need to give a player more than one year in a new situation before you put any sort of judgement on them. Hopefully he can be more of the player we env
  6. I agree for the most part. The only thing I would change is add a category above elite for Peyton and Tom. Then add Big Ben to the elite category. Tier 0 / Legendary: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady Tier 1 / Elite: Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger Tier 2 / Nobles: Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Russel Wilson, Eli Manning everything else is exactly the same as you. Also, to add to the other point. The only player in the NFL (right now) I'd take over Rodgers is Luck. It's a very tough choice, though...
  7. Even if they were given one, how could it considered cheating? We throw that word around way too quickly, IMO. The only issue I would take with this is IF Brady was being a meany pants about it, which...I doubt. It was probably in a joking, merry sense, being that they were at a wedding. This isn't much of a story to me... Pats are better than the Jets with or without a playbook.
  8. Meh - I'm over it by now. I really don't think TY is capable of doing anything in the off season that will "shock the world" let alone be worth an overnight of "suspense". I was excited for about an hour, lol.
  9. Don't know who to believe here. Like some have said, the NFL generally remains quiet in this situation. Interesting that they're speaking out here. I'm obviously wanting to believe Mathis, but I don't know that I do. Regardless, a banned substance is a banned substance. Mathis deserves this suspension just based on ignorance for not checking with anyone associated with the NFL.
  10. *has internal fit of excitement*. I'm not sure what I'm happier about: him signing with us or him. NOT signing with the patriots....
  11. Well, a few of you can guess MY favorite UDFA signing so far. ;) Bias aside, I think Harrison has a shot to start for us. He was really good at Florida.
  12. True...I guess i should have said NEED lol
  13. Well, like Princeton said, Rosenhaus is denying this. I guess we'll see how it all plays out. If this turns out to be true, and Gordon IS suspended for a year? Oh boy... I bet this affects how the Browns finish off this draft. WR just became a need.
  14. I say 11-5 again, with the 3rd Seed. I need to see us be more consistent. We can beat anybody, but we lose to teams we shouldn't sometimes.
  15. Well...good video. Unfortunately for us, only a handful of the plays shown are actual "highlights" (which is about the number of legitimately good plays he had last year) Most of his hits come after he, or someone else, has already given up a reception and a first down. =/ Hopefully with some new pieces our defense can be all around more better, resulting in better play from Mr. Landry.
  16. I don't know, the consensus here (for the most part) has been that Champ was done ever since the Ravens beat the Broncos in 2012. It was clear he couldn't cover Torrey Smith deep. I'm really not sure where everyone constantly defending him was. Anyhow, if he's brought in to play safety, or maybe the Nickel, this is a good move. If the Saints are expecting him to be a shut-down corner, well.... good luck with that.
  17. Well...I have zero respect for Dameshek and anything he says. His N "if" L things are mildly entertaining, but ask him to give some actual analysis, and he fails. consistently. So, even though what he's saying favors us, I still don't like it. Especially since his reasoning is so flawed...
  18. Werner isn't even on the list. Awkward.
  19. I honestly like them all (well, I don't HATE Costa). Arthur Jones is my favorite.
  20. At this point, I'm pretty sure Grigson is a dark lord of the Sith. He gets in FA's head man...."UNLIMITED POWEEEERRRRR!!!'"
  21. Argh...I wanna argue this, but I also don't want to derail the thread. So, I'll let it go. There's more reason than just the exclusives that the Xbox was way superior to the PS3. PM me if you want to continue the discussion
  22. XBoX 360 was the clear winner of the last generation of gaming. It remains to be seen with "next-gen" system will be victorious. They both have pro's and con's (I have an Xbox One, and love everything about it) Though, if you really want to get everything you can out of gaming, you'd want to do it on PC. On topic, I wouldn't be against bringing Hakeem Nicks in. Obviously, I wouldn't be giving any expensive long term contract, but a fairly inexpensive 1-2 year deal wouldn't bother me. If he's back to normal he could be great for our offense.
  23. Yeah, I'm okay with this now. Very inexpensive contract. May still be in the running for Mack, or another C.
  24. Well, just a two year deal. Doesn't sound like a " you're our guy" type contract.
  25. Whelp....guessing were out of the Mack conversation. Unless Costa was signed for really cheap as a back up. Not overly excited for Costa
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