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  1. Problem is, the offense still has to score (Can't believe I'm saying this about Denver)
  2. This is just a chicken % offensive game plan. Very disappointed.
  3. Unfortunately, without DT, the rest of the receivers whittle away. No one to stretch the field (not that they're trying too). Free to play tight Man to Man and put pressure on the QB.
  4. Good lord...be ready for the ball, guys.
  5. Yes, a lot of Colts fans are rooting for the Broncos. Why is that surprising? Many of us still have a lot of love for Manning and want to see him succeed (albeit, not against the Colts). I don't understand why this would be a shock.
  6. but seriously...OC...what the heck? The pass was carving them up. "Let's run the ball...yeah, YEAH...That's the ticket." -____-
  7. Who knows. There's just no confidence in the offense right now. DT is clearly not himself, Welker is on a pitch count, lord knows why Julius Thomas isn't getting involved... But yes. lets keep running the ball.
  8. Well, this games over. Another beat down incoming, unfortunately. Broncos are too scared to be the Broncos right now.
  9. Chat room is open

  10. Colts have their work cut out for them. I'm picking us against the Eagles, but a loss tonight wouldn't be that shocking. Texans are almost certainly starting 3-0. If we're 1-2 ( I have us beating the Jags)...We better step it up for the rest of the season. At any rate, it is just week 2. We still don't really even know who's good and who isn't this season. Sure, Denver is 2-0, but I don't think they're nearly as dominant on offense as they were last year.
  11. Chat room's open for anyone who wants to talk some football

  12. Huh. Idk, he looks/seems like he plays older than that. My bad.
  13. Whoa...everyone on that list after Davis is NO WHERE near as good as Talib. Maybe 6 years ago, Ike Taylor, but...not anymore. Tillman and Verner are Cover 2 corners, so...that's a no. Hall is old and slow, and McCourty is a safety...? Webb had promise, but has never really lived up to "Shutdown corner" Edit: , just noticed Sam Shields at the bottom. Another nope. So overpaid...poor GB.
  14. Yes. Great. Every corner (even the good ones) get burned on occasion. Also, Hilton is a pretty good receiver as well... Him burning someone isn't really an insult to them. He burned Sherman, too. Hmm...Out of morbid curiosity, im going to sit and think and rate some corners... 1. Peterson 2. Sherman 3. Revis 4. Haden 5 ...Talib? IDK, maybe I'm forgetting someone. I'd say Talib is easily top 10 and might even be top 5, unless I'm forgetting someone.
  15. I agree, I think our receivers can produce against Denver, but don't kid yourself. Talib is a great corner, and Harris is a very good #2. I'd take their secondary over ours.
  16. Holden89


    Ehh, he has some valid points. I think a LOT of people (media, fans, etc) have been way too quick on crowning Luck among the elite QB's. I'm glad hes our QB, and I sure wouldn't trade him for many of the other QB's in the league...but that's mostly because of his POTENTIAL. Not for what he has done so far. Yes, he's had some stunning comebacks; but the truth is, he has had a hand in putting us in catch up mode at times. Now don't take this the wrong way. I'm in no way bashing Luck. He's been great for a (now) 3rd year QB. I just don't think he's done enough to put him up there with t
  17. Well, I don't think we'll be blown out, and I DO think we're capable of winning (obviously) I'd have to say I'm leaning towards the Broncos in this one. We'll see, I suppose, it's only a week away now.
  18. AFC North: 1. Bengals 2. Ravens 3. Steelers 4. Browns AFC South: 1. Colts 2. Texans 3. Jaguars 4. Titans AFC East: 1. Patriots 2. Jets 3. Dolphins 4. Bills AFC West: 1. Broncos 2. Chiefs 3. Chargers 4. Raiders Seeding: 1. Broncos 2. Patriots 3. Colts 4. Bentals 5. Ravens 6. Chiefs NFC North: 1. Packers 2. Bears 3. Lions 4. Vikings NFC South: 1. Bucs 2. Saints 3. Panthers 4. Falcons NFC East: 1. Cowboys 2. Eagles 3. Redskins 4. Giants NFC West: 1. Seahawks 2. 49ers 3. Cardinals 4. Rams Seeding: 1. Packers 2. Seahawks 3. Cowboys 4. Bucs 5. 49ers 6. Saints I know, I have a c
  19. Chat room is open now

  20. Keep in mind, active and ready doesn't always mean "will play" I wouldn't be surprised if Reggie never actually sees the field. We'll see, I suppose.
  21. Ah, okay. I see your point. I forget I cheated on my ranking I do think our WR's are an elite unit though, but we're allowed to disagree
  22. Not too bad, IMO. However; Wayne, Hilton, and Nicks just average? That's the only thing I strongly disagree with. I think we easily have a top 10 group of receivers.
  23. I'm going to add "above average" and "good" to the rankings. Going from average to elite is just nuts. QB: Good RB: above average WR: elite TE: above average OL: average DL: above average LB: good DB: above average K: above average P: elite HC: good OC: average DC: average
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