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  1. Honestly, I'm rooting for the Broncos for many reasons. One of them being I just never want to have to play the Chargers in the playoffs...ever again
  2. Chatrooms open for TNF!!

  3. Luck, Davis, and McAfee are basically already in I think Hilton is as close to a lock as you can be without ACTUALLY being a lock, and I also think Castonzo deserves an appearance. Allen is another dark horse for some recognition, I think. However, I think Julius Thomas and Gronk will make it over him because of the name (and being really really good)
  4. One bad thing for us is...we had already circled a win against the cowboys for us... maybe we should slow our roll XD
  5. Oh my gosh...come on Cowboys defense...come on. Of course, if they win this, all we're gonna hear about is Americas team, and we'll all hate the cowboys again XD
  6. just dont turn the ball over, Cowboys...get points... and on cue, there goes their Right Tackle...of course.
  7. Seriously...What a freakin' catch. What a play by Romo as well.
  8. What. a. Catch. I'm pretty sure he's got it. Of course Carroll has the balls to challenge though... Take notes, Garrett...
  9. Cowboys people upstairs must have seen something I didn't. That looked like a clean INT to me...
  10. Oh, I fully expect it. I'll be shocked if Dallas wins now. Hope they prove me wrong. Edit: and here....we....go....
  11. Wow. Just completely gave the Seahawks life. Literally. Just handed it to them. Wow...and of course Russel Wilson runs it in, cuz ya know...Best QB in the NFL.
  12. Chat's Open

    1. Blackhawk4


      We have cookies

    2. southwest1


      Did someone say cookies? chocolate chip or peanut butter? Not those kind of cookies...Bummer, I hate being disappointed man. LOL!

  13. Everything was handed to Wilson on that drive. No one on defense was in position on any play.
  14. Wow. What a pathetic effort by the defense on that drive. Just pathetic.
  15. After all that, the defense is going to fail here...no way.
  16. Come on defense....You've kept them in the game this whole time. Lets go
  17. seriously!? I go to get ice cream and THIS happens!?!?
  18. There's no way that's gonna be caught. What the hell? He locked in on Welker, and didn't even try to deviate. Sigh...
  19. Alright, Manning. Time to make your money. You have to go out there and put a drive together. Now.
  20. Well, Seattle receivers just running wide open now. Stick a fork in the Broncos, I think.
  21. The screens will NOT work against Seattle. Stop it. Seriously.
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