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  1. Some of it is on the players. Like that last run to Hines, it was all bunched up in the middle and he just kinda danced in place. If he cuts outside to the left, he may have scored. I dont like the playcall either, but at a certain point players have to execute.
  2. Bakhtiari is early almost every play I watch him. Maybe I'm wrong and he just has it timed INCREDIBLY well
  3. Amazing. We were driving so well, and we started trying to get cute.
  4. Man, 2nd and short would have been a great time for Play Action.
  5. Well, it was off a D-linemen's hand. I suppose it can be argued that it's on Rivers, but I don't think I'd agree.
  6. The QB battle is fairly even, at least. You can argue Rivers is a little better as his INT wasn't his fault at all.
  7. Well, luckily we DO get the ball back and can bring it back to a one score game. Hope is not lost, it just feels like the game should be going differently. That's football, though.
  8. It was definitely Pass Interference. Rock has his arm hooked for 5ish yards while the ball was in the air. I'm curious if it was a blown assignment or if it was called to have Rock running down the field in 1 on 1 coverage with MVS there. It just seems odd to me that we weren't in some sort of Cover 3/Cover 4 situation with so little time left at the half. Oh well. Still a winnable game, but less so now.
  9. I really dont understand. Where's the deep help? There's 20-something seconds left until halftime. Why is a Corner alone there?
  10. Why is Ya Sin in one on one in this situation? Where's the safety?
  11. It seems odd. If the Colts had touched it first, I'd be more understanding of the review. The Packer player picked it up and ran. Why wouldn't it be blown dead where he was marked down?
  12. God, these sweeps to the left, there's just nowhere to run.
  13. Is there some unspoken rule that says you CAN'T run more than a certain number of crossing routes in an NFL game? Like, hello?
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