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  1. If it's being investigated it obviously isn't "nothing". Something warranted it.
  2. It's been this way for three years. It's an odd form of torture giving us a QB that has this much potential and an open door to plant him on his back week in and week out. Its would be Herculean effort for most QBs in this league to not crack and go off on the crap line that's in front of him. That to me is part of the Legend that is Andrew Luck.
  3. Tom Brady = 37 years old Andrew Luck = 25 years old Luck is just getting started.
  4. Pittsburgh did their homework. Our pass rush to this point has been mainly through zone blitz packages - and not anyone beating their man one on one. Big Ben today and any other top tier QB the rest of the season will expose this. Without Mathis there isn't an elite pass rusher on the team and Gosder at tackle is going to get our QB knocked out for the season. Positive note to end on : Moncrief is the real deal. By the end of the game you could see the respect he was starting to get (the TD where Hilton was open on the corner comes to mind)
  5. You do realize that those come from behind victories were late in games where we were forced to abandon the run and turn Luck loose, right?
  6. He is not fast enough to get around the edge to the QB and isn't strong enough to bull rush.
  7. I'm not looking to the draft yet but we do have serious problems with our pass rush and OL. I would hope coaching could be improved but let's face it, some have it and some don't. Just like players.
  8. These men have lives. They are fighting for jobs to earn a place. They might not be what the Colts need but show them the respect they deserve for chasing their dream.
  9. And then Bobzilla got healthy for his usual 3 or 4 games a season in time for our Super Bowl run. The man blew his own body up with those hits but MAN could he hit.
  10. There was no quit in our team last night. I think some of the fans had quit but not the Colts. I especially enjoy Luck has FIRE and you could see is extremely competitive and animated. I think the team is overall better than last year and when Mathis gets back I think the D could be rock solid (other than a cover safety). When was the last time we could say that?
  11. Werner is better against the run than he is a pass rusher. He simply lacks the speed to beat people on the edge.
  12. This game is not a crucial win for us but it is definitely a barometer game for how the front office did in the off season on the O Line and our defense. I hope I'm wrong but I see us abandoning the run by early in the the 3rd quarter.
  13. I couldn't care less what his rating has been. Luck wins games - as evidenced by having the record for most comeback wins in his first two years. He has been closing the deal with a patchwork O Line and no run game whatsoever.
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