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  1. Working on 4 quarters now with no points on this D. Only thing moving the chains were penalties. That's why you take three points. They are dominating us up front.
  2. Yes. Apart from the penalties the Jags defense is outplaying our offense.
  3. No trade for Cooper, team is playing for draft position.
  4. No fluke and put out another great game; our draft is shaping up to have been a great building block. Tackles 13 Sacks 2 Tackles for Loss 5 Pass Defense 1 QB Hits 2
  5. The way I see it is there are two scenarios. 1) He washes out and everyone feels better about not taking a chance on him. 2) He ends up a home run trade for the Patriots, with minor investment, and people will still say “We are a character team and don’t want that kind of guy on our team”. I hope everyone at least wants the guy the guy to pull his life together first and foremost.
  6. Great post. Last years 24 hour med clinic (largely effected by our O-Line) shook things up in management philosophy. Especially like your mention of our new O-Line coach / 3 and outs etc. Looking forward to training camp.
  7. "We know at least one NFL quarterback who believes Brady should be left alone, but a suspension almost seems inevitable at this point." From the same article you are linking...
  8. The weakness in our fan base in this thread is appalling. A lot has changed in our personnel and it's like you are all listening to Boston radio stations. Man up.
  9. If it's being investigated it obviously isn't "nothing". Something warranted it.
  10. It's been this way for three years. It's an odd form of torture giving us a QB that has this much potential and an open door to plant him on his back week in and week out. Its would be Herculean effort for most QBs in this league to not crack and go off on the crap line that's in front of him. That to me is part of the Legend that is Andrew Luck.
  11. Tom Brady = 37 years old Andrew Luck = 25 years old Luck is just getting started.
  12. Pittsburgh did their homework. Our pass rush to this point has been mainly through zone blitz packages - and not anyone beating their man one on one. Big Ben today and any other top tier QB the rest of the season will expose this. Without Mathis there isn't an elite pass rusher on the team and Gosder at tackle is going to get our QB knocked out for the season. Positive note to end on : Moncrief is the real deal. By the end of the game you could see the respect he was starting to get (the TD where Hilton was open on the corner comes to mind)
  13. You do realize that those come from behind victories were late in games where we were forced to abandon the run and turn Luck loose, right?
  14. He is not fast enough to get around the edge to the QB and isn't strong enough to bull rush.
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